Namdhari’s Unique Store Launch Campaign

Namdhari’s Group will be launching the Group’s 31st store at Whitefield, Bengaluru, on 25th March 2022. Part of this Simpli Namdhari’s experience store launch is an aerial campaign over the Whitefield region, involving an American Champion Scout Aircraft that will carry a 40 feet banner. Public who spot the Simpli Namdhari’s Aero Flight branding can upload a selfie image along with the aircraft in the sky on their Instagram page, tagging ‘@simpli_namdharis’ and stand a chance to win a free Goodie Bag at the store.

When: 25th March 2022 between 9.30 am to 11:00 am

Where: Simpli Namdhari’s, Prime Square, Ground Floor No.7, Whitefield Main Road,

Bangalore – 560056

Entry: Free

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