Six nostalgic items to celebrate on Friendship Day

From living our adolescence together to experiencing school, to acting silly, to sharing moments of happiness and sadness, we’ve all gone through thick and thin with our friends. School has provided most of us with lifelong friends or with people who have helped shape our personalities. On this Friendship Day, we’ve put together a list of nostalgic items to take us back to precious moments that we’ve lived with our school friends.

SLAMBOOK: Whether it was using sparkling pens to make the slam book look appealing, or keeping a count of how many books you could fill up in a week, or checking your crush’s pages to see if their favorite actors match yours, Slam books received a lot of attention and were the perfect way to tell someone that they mattered!

PENS: Buying quirky and new stationery was the perfect way to become the star of the class! Whoever got the newest BIC Cello gel pen or a fancy looking eraser was always a winner!
WRITING PAD: The ultimate friend during exams, thedahi-shakkar! This item only saw the light of day during the seven-day exam period and was completely forgotten afterwards! These writing pads disclosed coded formulas and scribbled theorems on their backs and sides
Geometry Box: Right fordrawing semi circles during Geography exams or using the scales as a ruler, time and time again we have found our savior in the mighty geometry box.
CRAYONS: The smell of a Cello Colour Up wax crayons box takes us back to our favorite arts and crafts classes and fun birthday parties where crayon boxes were the best birthday gift!

PIGGY BANK:Takes us back to a time where the two-Rupee coin left from the canteen treats made all the difference to help us buy that toy we’ve been wanting! And oh, the joy of unlocking the piggy bank one day to find the ten-Rupee added by our beloved parents!

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