SOCIAL Cypher takes over the venue at ‘Mount Road SOCIAL’ on Monday, 21st February

Mount Road SOCIAL brings to you yet another power-packed gig to kickstart your weekday with an all-new high. This Monday, SOCIAL Cypher takes over the venue at Mount Road SOCIAL! Get your jam on with some of Chennai’s best beatboxers and rappers who will get you thumping on the floor.

Bringing on the most pumping rappers and B-boys from Chennai, we are sure to make this night worth your while. Come along for a night of raps and rhymes and join us while we jam musically together and break out into a dance.

Get the beats rocking with SOCIAL Cypher at Mount Road SOCIAL

SOCIAL Cypher at Mount Road Social

Date : Monday, 21st February, 2021

Address : 1st Step Baby Shop, Express Avenue Mall, E Hotel, Gate 1, Patullos Rd, Royapettah, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002

Time: 7:00 PM Onwards.

Call : 8657989073 for more details.

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