SOCIAL Presents K-Town: Your Everything Korea

If twenty years ago someone told you that a country – approx. 5000 kms away, speaking a language completely foreign, would be loved and cherished by millions of Indians across the country, you would have laughed. But the rise of Korean pop culture is witness that The Korean Wave or Hallyu is a phenomenon unlike any other in the world.

A heritage that blends incredible history, exquisite architecture, traditional dance and music, mesmerizing Buddhist arts, and breathtaking natural landscapes, it’s no wonder that every Indian cherishes South Korea’s culture, with their hearts and minds set to experience “The Land of the Morning Calm” and its astounding grandeur.

Presenting to you “K-Town : Your everything Korea” on the 24th Sept, 3PM – 7PM, at Wagle Estate SOCIAL.

Inspired by everything Korean, SOCIAL welcomes all K-fans to the launch of their very first hallyu convention that has something for every Korean lover out there. With a chance to deepen one’s interest into Korean art, beauty, decor, jewelry, and more, the convention is a fan celebration of Korean culture and music in its truest sense, as fans will also have the opportunity to interact with Korean entertainment and culture as a community.

So no matter where you are in India, if you’ve felt the light of hallyu spark within you, here’s your sign to come to K-Town! For there’s so much in store to explore – K-Pop, K-Beauty, Korean arts, crafts, home decor, and the best of all, Korea.

See you there!

Venue: Wagle Estate SOCIAL, Shop No. 7, Ground Floor, Centrum IT Park, Wagle Estate, Panch Pakhdi, Thane West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400604, India

When: Saturday, 24th September 2022

Time: 3:00 pm onwards

Entry Fee: Rs. 499


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