This Father’s Day make your dad feel special by showering him with coolest gifts ever

It’s always fun to pamper our parents. Want to make your old man feel special and loved this Father’s Day? Need the perfect gift ideas? From coffee brewing accessories like a French press to statement wine glasses and whiskey glasses, from indulgent grooming and skincare products to top-notch men’s perfumes, we have a wide range of beautiful gifts that he can use, and will definitely appreciate.

1. For classic Dads, who like to switch up how they brew:

For starters, is he a coffee nerd? Does he love to experiment with different kinds of coffee? Coffee brewers are a rage these days, and a French press or a moka pot make for fantastic gifts for anyone who is excited about coffee or loves entertaining. Right now, Indian coffee is having its moment under the sun, and everybody is learning new ways of enjoying the bean. At Westside Home, we have a wide range of coffee brewers, and our French press or the moka pot make for indulgent gifts. Easy-to-use, will make for a beautiful kitchen or bar accessory, depending on the kind of brew your dad enjoys, pick the brewer.

2. Wine and cocktail glasses:

For Father’s Day gifts, wine glasses or cocktail glasses make for great gifts. While cocktail glasses make for great company when he is chilling with his friends, wine glasses are for entertaining bigger groups and family dinners. Does he spend time with himself, with a drink, some music, or a book? Gift him a set of stunning whiskey glasses then. At Westside Home, you will find a wide range of cocktail glasses and whiskey glasses, in beautiful designs, that will definitely bowl him over. Or create a hamper with coffee accessories, like a moka pot, along with glasses and other bar essentials for an AM-PM theme.

3. The best skincare, grooming picks for every dad:

Want to gift your dad skincare and grooming products that he could use every day? Come to Westside and check out our wide range of face creams, gels, the best men’s face wash you will find anywhere, infused with natural ingredients and the goodness of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential requirement in skincare, and finding the right products can be a task for him. Westside makes it easy. If he is searching for the best men’s face wash, our foaming face wash will definitely be top of the list. Build a hamper for him with day and night creams, face washes and serums.

4. Classic scents and perfumes for dad to evoke his sensory spirits:

One simple yet thoughtful present for your dad is men’s perfume – a fragrance that allows him to express his personality with just a whiff. Which brings us to our wonderful collection of fragrances for men. From refreshing notes, to heady tones, whichever kind of fragrance your dad is a fan of, at Westside, you will find men’s perfumes that will definitely make him a fan. After you spoil him with our gifts, trust us, you will surely be his favourite child, no competition!

Shop coffee brewers and whiskey, cocktail and wine glasses from Westside Home, and skincare, and men’s perfumes from Studiowest by Westside. Check out the full collections at or at a Westside store near you.

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