Vennba Art Gallery presents ‘Kaivalya’ – A solo show by Artist Shyam Karri from November 11th till November 30th

The artist in this series explores the emotion of Joy. Much like the first raindrop that falls on one’s face or the joy of watching the sea lit up by the moonlight, Mr Karri makes his audience dance along the mind and its virtues through his paintings. As we become a part of the canvas, the artist carefully takes us through the ever-dynamic sensory stimuli of the brain where one experiences the subtle play of energies within. When the picture starts living through us, one might feel the urge to romance with the space around, spreading its aura into the surroundings Thereby, the subject tickles not just the sense of “vision” but the sensory system as a whole.

“The word ‘Kaivalya’ and the world it takes me to are very sacred. It is to get to the very essence of life, accepting the world of forms, yet dwelling in the silence of formlessness. When the thinking mind gets overwhelmed by an abundance of love, there is no space for thought. The whole being gets transported to its origin, making one feel a sense of gratitude for every tiny spec and celebrate the ordinary things in life.” – Shyam Karri

Watercolour helps the artist practice Zen. To become attentive to “the presence” and express the moment as it Is. The process of painting with the medium is exhilarating and puts the artist on his toes. Compelling him to remain attentive at any given moment.

He expresses, “It’s a constant dabble between Control and ‘no control’, between Mind and heart, Rationality and intuition.”

This series is an exploration of letting water flow into places that It wants to, that otherwise would be impossible to create through brush strokes. By gently letting water flow and adding colours on wet paper, Mr Karri allows gravity and resistance to playfully narrate the mysterious geometry that water creates. In the process there arrives a calling for pause, where life then starts pulsating through the canvas.

The subject that the artist meditated upon, lets each cell in his body carry its essence as he paints, engaging not Just his hand and brush but each cell in his body. This practice demands absolute attention and the presence of mind at any given moment. There will be accidents In the process, which with great acceptance could create beautiful things that are beyond the comprehension of the brain.

‘Effort is the mind’s way Effortlessness Is of the heart’.

‘Kaivalya’ opens at Vennba Art Gallery, on 11th November 2022

On view until 30th November, from 10 am to 7 pm
Address: Vienna Art Gallery, 85,94, Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Road, T. Nagar, Chennai
Phone number: +91 9884636750

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