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Exploring the flavours of kebab!

Exploring the flavours of kebab!

Exploring the flavours of kebab!

Tucked away on Greams Road is a small shack, that is a famous eatery for kebabs. Kebab Corner offers carnivores the best of coal cooked meat. They have seekh rolls, kebabs, steak and romali rotis.

‘We offer the best of Arabian cuisine. All our meat are bought from the finest butchers and marinated overnight. We have different flavours of kebabs. Cooking food under direct fire is the most ancient way of preparing the meat. The fat from the meat melts into oil and fuses with flavours making the dish juicy. Our kebabs are rated one of the best in the city,’ said the owner, R Isham.

The menu has over 50 different dishes to choose from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Sales though comes mostly from the latter. The beef seekh rolls are served with mint chutney and onions on the side. The shop opens after 5 pm and is open until 11 pm. Customers keep flocking the joint to get their favourite rolls.

Kabab Inner

‘The seekh kebab is obviously the best. It is very juicy and the meat is marinated well with spices.

If you want a spicy roll then the achari tikki is your choice. You don’t feel chilly in the first bite but as you progress the spice hits you. The chicken omelet is another dish with a unique taste.

If you feel the burn from the spices, then do order the dahi kebab. The thick homemade yogurt is poured on the kebab which cancels the spice level,’ said Christopher S, a customer.

Some of the must try are Seekh Kebab, Steak, Afghani Chicken Tikka, Achari Kebab, Chicken roll and double roll. There are some other dishes to choose from and it is all pocket-friendly.

It is hard to miss the place although there is no proper name board. It is in the building behind the frankie stall. People usually do take always but some want their food hot so they stand and eat there.

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