Eyeliner Hacks You got to know!

Get your desired look by making your eye makeup with these simple tips and tricks!
Eyeliner Hacks You got to know!

Make your eye makeup last longer and to get your desired look with these simple tips and tricks.

  • The real purpose of creation of dark eyeliner was to protect people from the harsh rays of the sun. Now you have an excuse for owning ten identical similar shades of black eyeliner. But remember: there’s no substitute for SPF!
  • White eyeliner brightens your eyes and also makes your eyes look instantly awake.  Swap your regular black pencil for white when you’re looking a tad on the tired side and say good morning to brighter eyes.

Eye Inner 1

  • Winged eyeliner can be worn on both top and bottom lash lines—at the same time! Choose two contrasting colours for an edgy makeover.
  • Getting a winged eyeliner look is way easier than you think. Choose which two-step process is right for you and voila—pro eyes in seconds!
  • Ever mess up on your liner look? Try this, just apply makeup remover to a Q-tip to erase error without smudging or starting over.
  • Use the eyeliner to create the dotted line on upper lashes, connect those dots with a smudge brush for a perfect eyeliner every time.

Eye Inner 2

  • You can use more than one eyeliner colour at once. In our Rock Doll makeup tutorial, Emma Willis shows us how to rock three liners at once for a dramatic evening look. Try it out and report back!
  • Bought a less-than-effective eye pencil? Don’t return it, instead use the trick from ladies of the 80s: swipe it over an open flame to heat it up and it will glide right on. Quick tip: this trick works well for dramatic liner looks, too!

Hope it’s useful for you! There are lots more tips and tricks to use eyeliner. You will see it in coming weeks. Until then stay tuned! Do comment below if you have any tips to share we will use it.

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