Media veteran & marketing leader Priyanka Sehgal redefines dating in the USA with the launch of the app – Sparkles


Priyanka Sehgal, a media professional with more than 21 years of experience has taken the next big step in her entrepreneurial journey by launching Sparkles, an experiential dating app powered by AI for the US market. Constantly innovating and creating brands that become market leaders, Priyanka, through Sparkles, looks to carve a new market at the intersection of social commerce and helping people build meaningful connections starting with Singles. From fintech to wellness tech Sparkles are everything about dating and relationships and all things around it. Furthermore, the newly-launched app shall rope in influencers for dating advice and help them build content on it thereby creating a market ripe with social commerce.

Available on iOS, the app rides heavy on technology, by leveraging AI to match users on the basis of a compatibility score. It enables users to make a profile by logging in from their Facebook, Google, email, Apple id. This is followed by them selecting their mood, partner choices and the kind of experiences that they wish to have. By tailoring feeds based on preferences, Sparkles aims to create a one-point platform where social commerce is proffered by individual experiences.

Speaking about the app being launched in the USA, Priyanka Sehgal commented, “Sparkles solves for cognitive overload leading to the paradox of choice and commitment to none. It is important to break through the clutter on the back of an app that is built on extensive research and testing. Sparkles use hyper-personalized matchmaking to foster authentic connections and empower Singles to form meaningful relationships via shared experiences. Having created a platform where people come together and get better at dating, we look forward to launching the app in India and other countries in the near future with there being an ever-growing demand for such products amongst all demographics.”

Sparkles is the only app that facilitates a date plan where users, who have matched and are now chatting, can share or buy an experience. Sparkles’ revolutionary interface brings clarity of the user’s intent by setting expectations from the very beginning, choosing their own experiences. By empowering singles to live their truth, Sparkles aims at changing the way the world relates and dates.

Being an app of such incredible definitions as experience preferences, compatibility scores, user moods etc. in addition to an eminent person like Priyanka Sehgal at the helm, Sparkles looks to redefine the spectrum of online dating.

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