Millet-based children’s food brand Slurrp Farm and squash player Dipika Pallikal hosted over 160 families from across the country for a special quiz this Sunday.

Organized in association with QShala, one of India’s best quizzing platforms, the Food For Thought: Let’s Unjunk India Family Quiz brought alive the brand’s ‘zero junk’ proposition and urged young children from grades 1-6 to unjunk the food they eat.

“Identify this type of millet that is loaded with vitamin B 12 and good carbs, and is named after a body part of a clever animal” and “This sugar is made from the sap of the flowers of the Cocos nucifera tree that gives a big fruit. Can you name this hydrating fruit?” were just some of the intriguing questions asked by Padma Shri and Arjuna awardee Dipika Pallikal to the young children and their families.

The quiz was the culmination of Slurrp Farm’s ‘Let’s Unjunk India’ campaign, which kicked off on Independence Day last year. The campaign aims to educate people about the ingredients that go into most packaged food items, and the effects of some of these additives. Over the last six months, the campaign highlighted how consumers often overlook the ingredients listed on the back of a pack of food and how most of the thickening agents, emulsifiers, flavour enhancers, sweeteners, stabilisers, and preservatives added to packaged food actually do not add any nutritional value to it. ‘Let’s Unjunk India’ brought to fore the fact that many commonly used additives have been linked to a range of cancers, neurological problems, obesity and other weight problems, headaches, insomnia, poor metabolism, and a host of other diseases and lifestyle problems.

As a brand committed to providing healthy, yummy, and natural snack and mealtime options for young children and their parents, all products in the Slurrp Farm portfolio are made using super grains like ragi, jowar, amaranth, foxtail millet, amongst others, and have zero preservatives, maida, white sugar, trans fats, or artificial flavours and colours.

Speaking about the quiz and association with Dipika Pallikal, Shauravi Malik co-founder, Slurrp Farm said, “The saying ‘You are what you eat’ means different things to different people. For us at Slurrp Farm, it means only one thing: eat real food. Through the ‘Let’s Unjunk India’ campaign, we wanted to empower parents and children across India with knowledge – knowledge about what goes into the food they eat so that they can make more informed choices about what they put on their plates.”

Meghana Narayan, co-founder, Slurrp Farm said, “As a sporting icon, fitness enthusiast, and now a mother, Dipika Pallikal has always been vocal about eating well. She also understands that it doesn’t mean only cutting things out of one’s diet, but understanding what goes into it. She is the perfect partner to help Slurrp Farm bring the unjunk proposition to life and educate and encourage young families to make better food choices.”

Winners of the quiz received a range of exciting prizes including a family vacation at nature resort Wildernest Goa, Lenovo tablets, and Amazon gift cards.

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