World Health Day – Our planet, our health

Earth, as a living space for life, has a physical body, life body, mental body and individuality. Physical body is represented by the soil with the minerals and trace elements, life body with the process involving beginning and transformation of one life form to the other, mental body as the harmonious interaction between the life forms and the individuality with the right kind of resources conducive to sustain life in this planet. Likewise human beings also have a physical form which has a structure held by skeletal frame and muscles, life body with all the physiological process, mental body with the emotional balance and the individuality with the personality as who one is.

Ecosystem is maintained through a harmonious process with the interconnections of life on earth. Similarly, within the human being, internal milieu is maintained in homeostasis through the interconnecting organ systems. Our planetary wellbeing and our wellbeing are closely connected. Nature plays a major role in maintaining the ecosystem. All living being except humans, abide by the laws of nature. Humans as the pinnacle of the food chain need to respect and honour these laws.

A way to do this is to understand the circadian rhythm and lead a lifestyle incorporating this rhythm. Eating in the right time, which is having an early dinner close to the sunset brings in improvement in the quality of sleep and thereby on waking up, a clear mind to perceive. Clear thoughts connecting to the world in the most sensitive way will reduce the insensitivity towards the environment and contribute towards a healthy environment. This is a human contribution out of free will towards the harmony of the ecosystem. Mindful living and understanding of human responsibility towards planetary health will empower human health.

By Dr Karthiyayini Mahadevan, Head – Wellness and Wellbeing at Columbia Pacific Communities

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