5 mouthwatering dishes that have caught our attention from the recent challenges of MasterChef Australia S13, Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar Premium

~We can not expect the challenges to turn any more realistic with every new twist on MasterChef Australia 13 only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium~

The elimination on Sunday revealed the Top 8 contestants who are all geared up for the competition ahead – a culinary battle unlike any other with all new challenges in Uluru. The contestants continue to amaze the judges with their creativity clubbed with lip-smacking flavours, ready for the competition to get more intense with their creative take on food. The last challenge saw an incredible set of dishes being created in a nick of time, now it’s time for a group challenge but before that here’s a quick round-up of some of the best dishes we have witnessed through the competition that we’d love to dig into. From Charcoal Chicken to Flanilla, we bring you the top 5 dishes from MasterChef Australia S13 streaming on Disney+ Hotstar Premium, which caught our attention and left us reaching for our phones to order food immediately.


A delicious and perfect finish to a meal by Tommy Pham – this Vanilla flan with tapioca pearls, vanilla jelly, and coffee granita is more than just promising with its sinful flavours. This would be the perfect way to end a long and stressful weekday!

Charcoal Chicken with Zhoug

Indigenous to middle eastern cuisine, this Charcoal Chicken is the next best take on the Tandoori Chicken. Marinated in a thick sauce of a seamless amalgamation of spices and charcoal baked for a kick of extra flavour, this is a sure shot winner.

Spiced Lamb ribs with roasted garlic yoghurt

A dish from the menu of some of Masterchef’s best contestants that won the hearts of the judges was the Spiced Lamb ribs. Cooked to absolute perfection with a zing of middle eastern flavours, this will indeed be the perfect dish to stun your guests!

Lotus Flower Pond

The aesthetically appealing and equally wholesome sweet dish is a palate pleaser. Linda Dalrymple, a leading contestant, impressed the judges with her recipe and fantastic presentation, winning their hearts as they gorged on this delicacy. The perfect Southeast Asian flavours are a winner in this one and we want this now!

Vanilla and Pepper Kulfi

This beautiful Kulfi by Kishwar Chowdhury is a delight to the tongue and the eyes. A gorgeous delight with the creamy texture with its milk content along with the essence of rose petals; just thinking about it makes us want to sink into this right away!

Catch the next big food adventures that these culinary stars will embark only on MasterChef Australia S13 on Disney+ Hotstar Premium!

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