Aafreen – Inspired Indian’s Goan Feast: A Celebration of Local Ingredients and Flavours

Goa, a haven for food enthusiasts and the local spot to discover the truest ingredients – this magical experience was recently brought to Aafreen – Inspired Indian at The Westin Pune Koregaon Park with a specially curated 7 course meal with the perfect wine pairing.

The meal featured some of the Goan dishes, such as the Tender Coconut Carpaccio, which was made using coconuts sourced from Chef Avinash’s coconut plantation. Chef Vikram Khatri and Chef Avinash Martins brought the Goan pop–up to Pune sourcing the ingredients from the local artisans to reinvent and curate special recipes of their favourite Goan cuisine, which showcased their love for the local ingredients and flavours.

The personal touch and attention to detail were evident throughout the meal as Chef Martins went around the room, explaining the core childhood memories behind each dish. These memories were reflected on the plate through the garnishes, sauces, and gastronomical elements, adding an emotional aspect to the culinary experience.

With the alluring yet cozy interiors, the pop-up at Aafreen – Inspired Indian was a unique and unforgettable experience, embarking on a journey of adventure and exploration to enhance your palate and rekindle your love for Goan food. The event showcased the potential of local ingredients and flavours, inspiring people to experiment with their cooking and appreciate the culinary heritage of Goa.

The curated meal brought up Chef Avinash Martins and Chef Vikram Khatri at Aafreen – Inspired Indian offered a unique opportunity for Punekars to experience the authentic flavours of Goan cuisine. The chefs’ passion and love for the local ingredients and flavours were evident throughout the meal, creating an unforgettable dining experience. It was a celebration of culinary heritage, showcasing the potential of local ingredients and flavours, and inspiring people to explore Goan culture even more.

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