Celebrate the flavours of Onam with Southern Spice, Taj Coromandel

The fragrances and flavours of the harvest festival of Onam are back! At Southern Spice, the iconic South Indian restaurant at Taj Coromandel, the traditional Onam Thali, recreated by the team of Chefs led by Executive Chef Sujan Mukherjee, gives guests a taste of the most-authentic Kerala delicacies

The menu is a compilation of the all-time classic favourites from Kerala, including Avial (Batons of country vegetables in a mélange coconut and cumin); Pachakaya Kallan (Raw banana cooked with ground coconut and crushed black pepper in tempered yoghurt); Olan (White pumpkin in coconut milk); Urulakezhangu Mizhukkuperatti (Chilly marinated potatoes slow roasted in a pan with first press coconut oil); Mathangya Vanpayaru Erissery (Red pumpkin and red beans in a coconut and cumin spice mix); Vendakkya Ulli Theeyal (Okra and shallots in a toasted coconut and coriander curry); and Carrot, Cabbage, Beans Thoran (Finely cut carrot, cabbage and beans tossed with fresh grated coconut and spices). Team these with Idiappam (String hoppers); Red Rice; and Steamed Ponni Rice. Round off the meal with the all-time favourite desserts, Elachi Banana; Pal Payasam (Kerala Onakkalari rice, Sugar, Milk, Butter); and Ada Pradaman (Rice Ada, jaggery, coconut Milk, Ghee).

September 8, 2022 | Lunch and Dinner | INR 2200 plus taxes (Vegetarian Thali) | INR 2500 plus taxes (Non-Vegetarian Thali).| Call +91 44 66002827 for more details

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