Celebrate valentine’s day with Chateau Indage wines

Want to make your Valentine’s day memorable?

Gift your Partner luxury packed in a wine bottle!

Made from the best quality grapes, Chateau Indage wines blend flawlessly with flavoured mixers to prepare and relish refreshing cocktails and sangrias to celebrate love.

Tiger Hill Merlot Shiraz for 1099/750ml

Type of wine: Dry Red Wine.

Varietal: Merlot Shiraz.

Fermentation: 20º-27ºC Degree C with regular daily pumping for maximum extraction of colour and flavours.

Aged in: French oak.

Tasting Note: Ruby red coloured wine with a violet tint, brilliantly clear, there are ripped red fruits on the nose reminiscent of cherry, blackcurrant and coffee. There are complex aromas with fruits like blackcurrant and cherry blended with coffee, chocolate and butter. Tannins are soft and smooth, medium to full-bodied wine with a persistent taste at the end.

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