Chef Ajay Chopra reveals his romantic side on Chef Vs Fridge S2

Love never fades. The same was proved by Chef Ajay Chopra on the sets of Chef Vs Fridge S2 who prepared a romantic dish for his wife Amrita. Known for his unique experiments with traditional dishes, Chef Ajay accepted the challenge of ‘The Boss Chiller’ of preparing his dish with romance-filled ingredients – Rose Petals and Coconut Milk and presented a visibly delicious plate including Rose Cookies, Rabdi and Pista Moose.

Chef Ajay Chopra is currently seen on Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge as a judge and host alongside Chef Shipra Khanna. In the third episode of the show, audiences can witness his love for his wife Amrita Chopra. As he savors the Dabba prepared by Amrita, Chef Shipra suggests him to create romantic magic on plate for her. While the two were engrossed in creating the perfect romance-filled presentation, Chef Ajay also unveiled the secrets of his happy married life. “I have realized that Indian women actually never get a holiday and thus, I decided that I would take over the kitchen on Sunday, giving her a day off to relax and enjoy. She really appreciates this about me and loves when I cook Gourmet dishes for her,” revealed the global chef with a desi heart- Chef Ajay Chopra.

Witness the romance-themed episode of Chef Vs Fridge this Sunday at 8 PM

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