Coffee Hotspots: Brewing in the United States


Coffee is one of the most loved beverages of all time. For many, it is the first thing that they have in the morning to start their day. In fact, The United States can be considered as the birthplace of third-wave coffee and the commercial coffee chain culture. If you’re a coffee-lover, do check out these seven coffee hotspots in the United States.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle isn’t just wine or craft beer town; it’s the home of Starbucks. You can still visit the original storefront adjacent to Pike Place Market. This city is fueled by caffeine; there are 2.5 coffee shops per every 1,000 citizens, making it the greatest concentration of coffee houses of any U.S. city. Among them are Seattle’s Best and Tully’s brands, boutique roaster Victrola Coffee, and Cloud City Coffee and its $1 a cup honour system. Tour Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room for an immersive, future-forward experience (and taste) of the famous brand’s coffee culture.

Portland, Oregon

If there’s anything Portland is more serious about than rock music, it is its Coffee. Home to one of the most popular coffee brands in the USA called Stumptown Coffee Roasters along with other coffee hot spots like Heart Coffee in Southeast Portland, or Sisters Coffee Company in the Pearl District, the city is the place for all coffee aficionados.

Puerto Rico

This island destination in the Caribbean knows a thing or two about single-origin coffee. You can pop into the Museo del Café in Ciales to learn about the history of coffee on the island or see where coffee plants are grown and how beans are processed on a tour of a hacienda (coffee farm). One of the local favourite Puerto Rico Coffee shops is Caficultura, tucked inside a renovated historic building in Old San Juan, where you can sip chocolatito, a delicious hot chocolate jolted by an espresso shot. Other local favourites include Café con Cé to relish devilishly good coffee and drinks, Café Colao or the Café Regina.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco leads the way in American coffee culture, ushering in a new era of premium coffee that’s locally roasted, sustainably sourced and expertly prepared. In fact, San Francisco’s been a coffee city since Buena Vista Café invented Irish coffee here in 1888. Since then, a host of local roasters have joined the scene. A few other popular coffee hangouts in the city include Four Barrel Coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee, The Sightglass Coffee and the Mill.


Another place in the USA where one can follow coffee from bean to package is Hawaii. You can walk through the cloud forest farm of Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation, the largest organic coffee farm in Hawaii to see how the aromatic Kona coffee is transformed from seed to cup. You can tour the production facilities of Greenwell Farms to see coffee in every stage of production. No matter what island you are on, you can easily find yourself on a tour experiencing a beautiful coffee farm.

Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois is home to Custom Cup, one of the first speciality coffee shops in the city and a local favourite. It is a fair-trade micro-roastery and charming coffee haven, that strives to serve the freshest cup possible. Whether you seek drip, pour-over or cold brew, coffee beans are always roasted in-house then ground upon order. A rotating selection of coffee flavours entices even the most finicky coffee aficionados. You can sit down and savour a terrific cup of roasted coffee or grab a bag to-go.

Austin, Texas

Austin is home to many cosy coffeehouses and listening rooms. You can check out the Radio Coffee and Beer, named one of the “12 Hottest Bars in the U.S.” by Zagat, for thoughtfully prepared coffee drinks, craft beer and a diverse mix of live music. Also, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters is a popular cafe that features a two-level patio overlooking Lake Austin.

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