Gifting exclusives by Moet Hennessy India paired with curated limited edition mixers in collaboration with Svami

Svami, a homegrown brand known for introducing the first craft tonics made in India, launches an exclusive range of non-alcoholic mixers for three of Moet Hennessy’s spirit brands. These bespoke mixers have been specially crafted to be paired with Belvedere, Glenmorangie and Hennessy, building on the ever-evolving taste profile of the unique Indian consumer to create a high-quality drinking experience.

Designed and inspired by India and its indigenous flavours – Pomelo ‘chakotras’ (Belvedere); Tangerines santras (Glenmorangie); Ginger ‘Adrak’, Cinnamon daal cheeni ’ & hint of Black Peppers ‘Kaali Mirch’ (Hennessy) – the curated mixers pair perfectly with each spirit, while allowing the distinct character of each brand to shine through. The innovative flavours crafted collaboratively between Moët Hennessy India and Svami are exclusive to this partnership. With all-natural flavouring that is based on ‘glocal’ indigenous ingredients, these mixers will not only add a new dimension to your favourite drink but also provide a perfect balance.

Belvedere Vodka & Pomelo Spritz

Add a twist to classic vodka soda by complementing the savoury notes of Belvedere Vodka with a unique citrus – Pomelo. A crisp and refreshing soda made with all-natural Pomelo flavouring and zero sugar to be consumed exclusively with Belvedere Pure. To reflect the brand ethos further the mixer contains is a zero-sugar product and as a result – less than 1 calorie per 100 ml.

PRICE: INR 3635 (Delhi)

INR 6309 (Mumbai)

Glenmorangie The Original & Tangerine Highball

Playing on the signature aromas of the whisky while creating a bright and citrus-forward highball using Tangerines or ‘Santras’, the tangerine Highball adds a fresh and citrus-forward flavouring is to be consumed exclusively with Glenmorangie Original.

PRICE: INR 4800 (Delhi)

INR 7576 (Mumbai)

Hennessy & Spiced Ginger Ale

Layering new dimensions on a classic combination of Hennessy Very Special – by adding real cinnamon, black pepper, and limes, the Spiced Gingerale and Hennessy gift pack include a distinctive Ginger Ale made with all-natural Ginger flavouring spiced with Cinnamon and a touch of Black Pepper to be consumed exclusively with Hennessy Very Special.

PRICE: INR 7597 (Delhi and Mumbai)

INR 3800 (Gurgaon)

Availability – Available at select retail outlets across major markets in India, consumers will be able to receive a three-pack of the limited-edition mixer as a ‘gift with purchase’ with either Belvedere Vodka, Glenmorangie Original or Hennessy Very Special.

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