Gourmet Burgers at Anise, Taj Coromandel

Anise, the vibrant all-day diner at Taj Coromandel-Chennai invites you to indulge in some lusciously sinful gourmet burgers, with the best quality meats and exotic vegetables grilled to the order and served on home baked buns. The good-old comfort food has been taken a few notches higher with these delicious gourmet burgers, specially crafted by our master chefs. For the health-conscious, the gourmet experience includes options of Vegan, Gluten free & low Carb Burgers.

The Non-Vegetarian selection includes Tuna & caper (7 grain Bun, Gherkins, Egg easy over, cocktail Mayo); Teriyaki chicken (Sesame bun, Romaine Lettuce, plum tomatoes); Adobe spiced chicken (Paprika Bun, Jalapeño, Lettuce, refried beans ragout); Pulled lamb (Herbed bun, Grilled tomato/, gremolata, Red Cheddar); Double decker Hamburger (Pepper Buns, Tenderloin, Dejon mustard. Caramelized onion); and Prosciutto & Brie (Olive buns, Shitake mushroom, wine glazed figs).

The vegetarian menu is dotted with delightful burgers like Falafel (Olive bins, hummus, pickled vegetables); Sweet potato & quinoa (Shallots, Paprika, cilantro, horseradish); and Refried Beans & corn (Tomato salsa, Guacamole). All these are served with choice of fries and crisps.

There is also the low-carb Duo Asparagus (Millet square bun, Green & white asparagus Roasted pepper spread); the vegan option of Avocado & Vegan cheese (7 Grain, Lettuce, plum tomato, Honey Mustard); and the gluten-free Soya & Broccoli Steak (Gluten free bread, Pommery Mustard).

The menu also includes the sweet selection – Tropical fruit (Bostock bun, Lychees & Mango) and Chocolate & salted caramel (Sweet almond bun, grilled marshmallows).

Anise | June 3 – 30 | 11:30AM – 11:30PM | A la carte menu | Call +91 44 66002827 for more details

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