Iconic Royal China celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a New Menu Launch, and the flavors are delectable and mouthwatering!

What started out of pure love for Chinese food has now become a much-loved destination, delivering a culinary experience like no other. Nothing more aptly describes Royal China, a place that has won the hearts of many food lovers. 20 years on, this restaurant remains as iconic as ever and continues to be a favorite amongst Bollywood celebrities, industrialists, business tycoons, influencers, and many others. And now, with its 20th anniversary nearing, Royal China is all set to begin a new culinary chapter by bringing new additions to its menu. This will surely pave the way for many exciting things to come! So, what are you waiting for? Clear your calendars this weekend and enjoy authentic Chinese food at Royal China’s outlets in Fort and Bandra!

The acclaimed Chinese restaurant was founded by Neville and Michelle Vazifdar with the aim of bringing an impressive Asian fine dining experience to the masses. “Our Chinese fine dining concept has worked out well. Oriental cuisine has garnered fans all over India, so we wanted to set the bar high by combining this with an elevated dining experience,” says Neville, who had returned from England with a business degree in the early 2000s. That’s when he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps by entering the F&B space by opening Royal China in 2003 at Fort. Since then, they have brought Royal China to Bandra, Pune, and other cities such as Delhi and Kolkata.

Complementing the culinary exuberance of Royal China is its modern, minimalist decor and interiors, which will give you a sense of serenity and ease. The interiors bathed in hues of white, grey, black, and brown lend a refined yet relaxed vibe. This can be seen in both the Royal China outlets in Fort and Bandra, with the interiors of the former having been fully revamped from what they used to be about 20 years ago. This was done in order to make the restaurant move with the times. All in all, the place has a calm and comforting atmosphere that you will never want to leave.

“Our vision is to take Royal China all over India. We are passionate about making people fall in love with the authentic culinary wonders of the Cantonese world,” adds Michelle Vazifdar, the force behind Royal China and their other two restaurants Jia and Kuai Kitchen.

They say you “eat with your eyes first” before devouring the meal in front of you. And Royal China has proven that it is a master at blowing you away with its array of authentic Chinese dishes that taste as good as they look. And the restaurant’s new additions are all of that and more! Some of the flavorsome delicacies that you’ve got to try out include Seafood Bird Nest, Honey Chilli Potato, Pan Fried Scallion Pancake, Kung Pao Prawns, Stir Fried Pork With Ginger, Prawns in Hot Garlic Sauce, Sweet Chilli Tenderloin, Tenderloin and Broccoli in Oyster Sauce, and Crab Fried Rice, among others.

Besides that, you will definitely fall in love with some of their regular Cantonese dishes, which include Crispy Aromatic Duck served with spring onion, cucumber, and pancakes; the classic Fried Soft Corn Curd, Silken Tofu Tossed in Burnt Garlic, Crispy Lamb served with Mandarin Chilli Sauce, Shanghai-style braised pork belly, mushroom pot rice, Pan Fried Chicken Noodles, Hakka Noodles, and more. These lip-smacking delicacies are sure to make your day. Also, make sure to end your day on a sweet note with some of their much-loved desserts, such as Chocolate Dome, Royal China Mud Cake, Chinese Mango Pudding, and fried or steamed custard buns called Lai Wong Pao among others.

Complementing the ultra-modern and elaborate food menu, the beverage programme at Royal China is a modern reincarnation of exquisitely crafted cocktails, inspired to help drinkers discover multi-dimensional cocktails from the bold to the subtle. The bar menu includes a great and varied selection of wines, champagnes, spirits, cocktails, and mocktails. Additionally, some of the Royal China favorites include drinks with palpable flavours such as Whiskey Sour which is generously concocted with Whiskey, lemon, sugar syrup, egg white, and bitters served on the rocks, Cranberry Kiss, which is a delicious blend of cranberry juice, lemon extract and fresh mint, and Grassland, a mocktail which is a refreshing combination of guava juice, kiwi syrup, elderflower & lime juice topped with soda, amongst other delicious drinks.

“We are grateful that Royal China has garnered the support of all Asian lovers in Bombay and Pune for over 2 decades and we look forward to welcoming everyone for the launch of the new menu,” said Michelle.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Royal China to savour authentic Cantonese dishes served with a contemporary twist! This is the place to be to satisfy those Asian food cravings while enjoying its ambience, which makes you want to stay a little longer.

Website: http://www.royalchinaindia.com/index.html

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