Love is Sweet when it’s true, but sweeter paired with a Cheesecake and you!

This Valentine’s Day, Chef Vivek Chauhan of Le Meridien, New Delhi brings you his Dessert menu, highlighted by the ‘Love of my Life’ – a Gulab Jamun Cheesecake made with cheesecake and gulab jamuns, accompanied with handpicked strawberries, a pistachio cream, honeycomb and well, loads of Love!

Accompanying the star of the evening, are the Infatuated Red Fruit Bon-Bon- a White Callebaut chocolate paired with red fruit compote; Be Mine, a Chocolate millennium tart curated with Decadent chocolate tart with dark chocolate ganache, dulce de leche and strawberry mousse; Crush – a Framboise macaron with a crux of Raspberry crémeux macaron and Sweet Tender Love the Fraise opera- an incredulously dainty dessert with layers of Joconde doused in concentrated coffee syrup, Italian buttercream, chocolate ganache with strawberry mousse inserted with praline feuilletine.

Chef Vivek believes that food in general, and desserts in particular, are the glue that holds the fabric of love together. There is no other precious gift in the world that compares with spending time with your loved ones and spending that time creating wonderful memories over a dessert is the perfect way to spend the day!

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