McDonald’s India – North and East adds Noodle Masala to its World-Famous Fries®️ and Chicken McNuggets®


India’s favourite ‘Noodle Masala’ is making its way to McDonald’s delicious menu for an Indian tadka on McDonald’s World-Famous Fries®️ and Chicken McNuggets®. Inspired by India’s love for noodles, the new seasoning adds an authentic and familiar noodle masala flavour that is savoured across the country to McDonald’s World Famous Fries®️ and Chicken McNuggets®.

Customers can upgrade their Fries or Chicken McNuggets®️ with Noodle Masala seasoning that comes in a separate pack along with a Shake Shake bag. Customers can simply pour the seasoning in the Shake Shake bag of fries or McNuggets; shake up the mix to enjoy a lip-smacking play of spices.

Commenting on the new launch, Mr Rajeev Ranjan, Chief Operating Officer, McDonald’s India – North and East, said, “The ‘Noodle Masala’ has long been a favourite of Indian households. With the addition of Noodle Masala twist to McDonald’s World Famous Fries®, we are offering one more delicious feel-good moment to our customers. We are hopeful that our customers would love the delightful surprise emanating from the delicious blend of uniquely Indian spices and McDonald’s World Famous Fries®.”

Priced at Rs. 20*, Noodle Masala seasoning is a limited-time addition to McDonald’s restaurant’s menu across North and East India.

Customers can order the Noodle Masala seasoning with their favourite Fries or Chicken McNuggets® in-store, or through McDelivery or at the Drive-thru’s or through McDonald’s App.

McDonald’s World Famous Fries® are made from a select variety of potatoes using 100% vegetable oil. From farm to table, the fries pass through more than 120 quality and safety checks, so that the customers can enjoy a consistently high-quality taste every time they order McDonald’s World Famous Fries®.


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