Ohh, It’s a tie! Watch the first tie-breaker challenge on Chef Vs Fridge, this week

Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge is the ultimate battleground as India’s top 5 chefs fight for the opportunity to become India’s next celebrity chef. With every passing week, the competition is becoming more and more intense as contestants leave no stone unturned to ensure their top position on the leaderboard. This week as Chef Ajay and Chef Shipra announce the next gateway to cook-off task, contestants also startle the judges with their performances. For the first time on the show, the gateway to the cook-off results in a tie. Yes, you heard it right. The performance of the contestants results in a tie and the decision is then made based on the time taken. Who qualifies? Watch the show to know.

The final cook-off also comes with a unique theme- fire and ice. The idea is to include the opposites on the plate. “Every kitchen has quite a few iconic flavours. From sweet to sour and from bitter to spicy, while these flavours are contrasting, their amalgamation can create a masterpiece. Today’s challenge is similar, as today, you all will have to bring opposites on one plate. The theme for today is -Fire and Ice”, said Chef Ajay Chopra introducing the challenge. With elimination on lines, it would be intriguing to see who hits a sixer and who gets bowled out this week.

Watch the engaging episode of Chef Vs Fridge Season 3 on Zee Café this Sunday at 8 PM

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