People of Tomorrow, finally serving their unique vegan delicacies in the capital!

‘Vegan, a powerful step towards a habitable planet!’ Carrying forth the ideology through an array of scrumptious vegan cuisine, POT, translating to People of Tomorrow is a newly launched elevated all-day dining cafe located in New Delhi’s Dhan Mill Compound.

Through the coming together of like-minded individuals who believe in a cleaner tomorrow, identify with the cause, celebrate life and are conscious of the footprint they leave behind, POT strives to make the world a better place. The realization of sustainability not only towards carbon and fossil fuel emission but also from daily lifestyle choices is the mindset that we need for tomorrow and Championing the cause whilst educating patrons, consumers and first-time eaters alike, The People Of Tomorrow have opened their gates to everyone thinking and hearing about the vegan movement taking over the world for the right reasons.

Serving reconstructed soul food, delectable dishes at the eatery include small plates, a live taco counter, burgers, Mezze platters, pizzas, pasta, salads and more! Divine desserts and shakes on the menu are certified to satiate one’s sugar cravings. Must have delicacies at the hub include the portobello mushroom burger oozing with green flavours- a dish dousing the palate with bursts of flavours even when thought about; the youngsters favourite: casa recce horsegeam bolognese- certain to change preconceived notions about the vegan culinary world, flavour-packed seasonal green beans with kaffir lime sambhal and much more!

Founder Ritv Kapoor, a vegan convert for the last 4 years; spoke about his venture, saying “Upon being educated about the huge impacts of the meat and dairy industry on the environment, how resource inefficient these industries are in respect to factors eminent to the survival of the ecosystem including humans, freshwater, land, fossil fuels and so on- I realised the importance of veganism and the lack of food options for those wanting to adopt this lifestyle. Converting to the lifestyle myself, I knew I had to delve into this project- making veganism accessible”

This slick elevated casual dining spot also serves fantastic soul food that you may crave while holding on to nirvana inducing flavours and holding strong to the principles of veganism and sustainable and locally sourced ingredients

POT- a project to preserve future generations is also a space for environmentally conscious brands to display their products. A sustainable platform to bring visibility, not only will the cafe serve vegan meals, the hub will also encourage and educate their staff, customers, associates about the benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle, transcending cuisine.

Operational 7 days a week, POT will remain open for dining from 12 pm – 10 pm.

A pioneer in the sustainable living domain, the brand seeks to make a difference in the right direction, one dish at a time.

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