Saffola Mealmaker teams up with Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur to launch ‘Delicious Soya Cook Book’


SaffolaMealmaker is excited to announce the launch of its very own e-cookbook: ‘SaffolaMealmaker Delicious Soya Cook Book’featuringsome of the most interesting ways to use the versatile, healthy and tasty ingredient soya specially curated by renowned celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur. This e-cookbook has over 50+ easy-to-make recipes which guarantee lots of experimentation and fun in the kitchen. With its successful launch in West Bengal, SaffolaMealmaker Soya Chunkshas transformed soya into the benchmark of taste and texture especially with its Super Soft Technology which makes them tender and juicier thereby offering superior taste

Since the past year, home cooking has gained momentum. People have been drawing inspiration from Celebrity Chefs and home Chefsto experiment with and cook yummy meals. The newly launched SaffolaMealmaker Delicious Soya Cookbook by Chef Kunal Kapur takes you through a wholesome culinary experience of its own by offering more than 50 never-tried-before soya recipes ranging from Morning Breakfast Delights, Chinese Appetizers, Healthy Meals & Snacks to Kids Favourites, Soya Desserts and exclusive Chef’s Specials that’ll open new doors to the traditional use of Soya and bring some much-needed variety to the menu.

Commenting on the launch of the innovative SaffolaMealmakerSoya Cook Book, Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur, said, “I am delighted to be associated with SaffolaMealmaker Soya Chunks to curate this innovative Soya Cook Book bringing taste and a plethora of flavours together. TheSaffolaMealmaker Soya Cook Book has some innovative soya recipes that are not only healthy but offer a wholesome treat for the entire family. From my personal favourites like Soya Biryani and Soya Gravy Chaap to some of the most popular local Bengali and Northern cuisines, we have specially curated this cookbook to sort out all your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, thereby turning everyday family meals into extraordinary family favourites.”

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