‘Savorworksroasters’ takes their journey forward in the artisan world with the launch of their ‘Bean-to Bar Chocolate’


3rd June, 2021, Delhi, India – After capturing the market with their artisanal specialty coffee, the power couple, the Co-Founders of ‘Savorworksroasters’ are ready to step into the world of artisan bean to bar chocolates.

The first Indian Coffee Roaster Company to launch their own bean-to-bar chocolates that not only please the eye, but also satisfies the mouth feel.

They aspire to stand out in the bean to bar chocolate industry as their Head Roaster Baninder Singh has extended his expertise from coffee roasting to cacao roasting to serve his customers with the best profiles. The claim that they stand out from others is because they artisanally roast in small batches in drum roaster, to serve the best they can.

The Designer and the Chocolatier of the house has extended her expertise into designing the chocolates that serve the greatest mouthfeel and pleases the eyes with the perfect aesthetics. Their chocolates like ‘Banoffee’ a combination of their Firenze coffee and milk chocolate and indulges of banana and caramel is making coffee and chocolate lovers go Bananas! Their other superstars are Pina Colada, bringing beachy drink a twist; Odyssey, an amalgamation of the all-time favourite ‘Honey, I’m Nuts’ and cacao nibs and for the love of drinks, Gin & Tonic.

Their unique stories behind their names of the coffees and chocolates are something to be amused at! They aim at bringing stories and flavours from origins.

Just like their specialty coffee the motto is to make the chocolate transparent and traceable so that the person consuming the chocolate is aware of the origin of the cocoa beans. People are realising the difference between mass produced food products and specialty artisan products on the other hand and Savorworks is here to bridge the gap.

They dream of creating a better-tasting world by offering a new narrative to chocolate where imagination plays the most important role in changing how people interact with chocolate.

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