SOCH Group launches India’s first e-tail store exclusively for start-ups called This Or That

This Or That is solely dedicated to selling products by start-ups that are unique, innovative & interesting to appeal to millennials and Generation Z. These handpicked, one-of-a-kind start-ups are authentic and admirable. The platform creates a fair playing field for start-ups to construct a sustainable ecosystem and expand their reach.

This Or That covers everything from fashion & lifestyle to beauty & wellness, home decor, and food & beverages. The brand aspires to provide a platform for these start-ups, who are often overlooked because of established brands and their large marketing budgets. This Or That offers an unmatched shopping experience, with products that are genuine & quality assured and stand out from the crowd. The site also provides these start-ups with the opportunity to be funded by SOCH Group.

Speaking about the platform, Rohit Pugalia, the brain behind This Or That, shared, “We aim to position This Or That as an ever-growing shopping platform that supports and facilitates the ambitions of carefully vetted start-ups and opens to our millennial and Gen-Z customers, a world of the latest and verified products through a unique and ultra-convenient shopping experience. We want our customers to be that cool friend in their group who introduces the newest stuff. In order for that to happen, we keep up with the latest trends and become our customer’s gateway to them.”

To know more about this new and exciting platform, visit:

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