Tata Cha presents a session with Tea Masters on how to master the art of making a perfect cup of chai


Indians have had a long-standing comradery with tea from brightening up a dull monotonous week blues to the pitter-patter of the monsoon rains. Tea has always been our unsaid companion. TATA Cha brings forth through its virtual session the bountiful characteristics and flavours of rich Indian teas knitted with local heart-warming cuisines. Celebrate the warmth & comfort of chai every day! All over our country, the comfort we get from Chai has its very own definition as the recipes vary between families, villages and cities- each sip brings forth a new memorable story.

TATA Cha’s monsoon menu has comfort delicacies like the evergreen Gujratie favourite choice Rassa Dhokla to the delicious and nutritious Bengal’s Kaala Channa with oodles notes of mustard and Maharashtra’s most adored and alluring street food Ragda Pattice all available in at TATA Cha!

We welcome you to join the live virtual session with the tea expert Ms Indrani Ghose on the Instagram handle of TATA Cha who will walk you through the art of blending and tasting a perfect cup of tea

When: 6th August 2021 at 4 PM with Ms Indrani Ghose, Tea Connoisseur

Where: Live session on the Instagram handle of TATA CHA- https://www.instagram.com/tatachaindia/

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