The Great Eastern Home Thai Benjarong Tea Set and Ceramics

Benjarong is a distinctive painted enamelled porcelain traditionally made for the exclusive use of Thai royalty. It was initially permitted only for the use of royalty, however by the late nineteenth century it was also enjoyed by rich merchants and wealthy patrons.

These pieces were created exclusively for The Great Eastern Home by a small but by far the best studio in Thailand which only makes limited pieces for the Royal Family and the Government of Thailand.

The word Benjarong comes from the Sanskrit words “Panch” and “Rang” which mean five colours and the ones traditionally used were red, white, black, green and yellow. (The earlier Chinese tradition used 3 colours and today the Thai too can use as many as 7 to 8 colours too).

The process is known to very small skilled communities in Thailand whose master craftsmen carefully paint chosen white porcelain (Royal Porcelain and Bone China) with very fine lines.

The paint is made from mineral colours and is applied in layers. The porcelain is fired in a temperature-controlled kiln after the application of each layer of paint for as long as 10 hours. This painstaking process is repeated at least five times. Lai Nam Thong which means “gold wash”, is a variant of Benjarong wherein 18-22k gold is applied before the final firing to give the ceramic that fine gilded look.

The beauty of the finely raised paint on the surface of the porcelain provides that unique three-dimensional look to the painted areas. You can feel the tactility of the same with your fingers! The brilliant colours and all-over tropical motifs forming a kaleidoscopic pattern are breathtaking.

The Great Eastern Home is renowned for its furniture collection and collectibles for enthusiasts from all around the world.

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