The “Spiciest Ultimate Hogger Challenge” by FRISBEES

Known for adding unique quirks to its burgers and loved by Mumbaikars for its savoring spread, Frisbees has come up with a fun activity calling out to all the spice monsters of Mumbai for their ultimate mouth-numbing ‘Spiciest Ultimate Hogger Challenge!’ at Frisbees outlet in Bandra from 1st – 30th June 2022.

Frisbees, through this challenge, will honor the winner with a burger named after them, added to their permanent menu. It sure is a first of its kind challenge, in recent times. Simple yet fun, the challenge is, that the fastest eater to beat Mr.Bees’ time of 8 mins, wins! The challenger has to finish the entire platter in this time without drinking water and the meal is free. They will win one burger free every day for a month or till their record time is beaten. The winner will also get a picture on the ULTIMATE HOGGER – WALL Of FAM for the world to recognize, while the losers will get their picture on the BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME WALL, as a motivation for the upcoming challenges.

The challenge will be on for a month, for people to come and beat the recorded time on a daily basis. The person with the lowest time at the end of the month wins a burger named after them that will be added to Frisbees permanent menu. The challenger can come back to defend their recorded time as many times as they wish to. The last date to enter the challenge is 30th June 2022.

Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can put their hogging skills to best use, with this challenge. There will be separate leader boards for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian challengers. The non-vegetarians will get to enjoy the Spicy Korean Chicken Burger, along with a portion of Scooby Strips and Two Drumsticks from hell. For the vegetarians, the challenge will serve Spicy Korean Veg Burger, along with Veg Scooby Strips and Veg Chilli Whacks from hell. Chef Fahad will be at his devilish best with the spicy twist.

Frisbees has previously been recognized for bringing out the concept of Cheese Bomb Burger concept, which was later adopted and replicated across many burger chains. Frisbees is celebrating the spirit of honest cooking since 2014, as they offer a specially curated range of burgers by the in-house chef. What makes Frisbees unique is the wide array of flavored sauces, in-house buns, non-frozen meat and fresh hand-cut fries.

The burning spicy platter and the thrilling challenge is sure to make you FORGET. YOUR. MOTHER. The unforgettable rewards for the bravest! Inviting the gallant and the gutsy! Your time is now!

NoteThe challenge is open to both, vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. It has to be noted that the prizes are only for dine-in at the Bandra outlet. The prize cannot be clubbed with any other deals, offers, or coupons. There is no option for takeaways or parcels for the free burger. The last day to enter the challenge is 3oth June.

Where: Frisbees, Bandra West
Time: Mon: 12 noon – 12 midnight
Tue-sun: 9 am – 12 midnight
Address: Shop 6, A39, Labaik House, Chimbai Road, Near St. Andrews Church, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
Find us on Instagram: @frisbeesburgerpeddler

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