This Republic Day, TATA Tea Premium- Desh Ki Chai, celebrates the vibrant colours of India with its ‘Desh ki Jhanki’ Initiative

As India opens its 73rd Republic Day chapter, TATA Tea Premium celebrates the unique diversity of our nation with its latest Desh Ki Jhanki initiative. Drawing inspiration from its state-specific packs, each Jhanki(Tableau) is designed with elements reflective of the pride of the region, capturing customs, traditions, and culture-specific to each state. Celebrating Republic Day, the initiative pays ode to the amalgamation of diverse elements that makes India truly unique.

From the fabulous rich hearted Delhi to Dumdar spirited Uttar Pradesh, to large-hearted Punjab known for its service to humanity, to Kadaak Sapnonwala Haryana with a never-ending zeal to win, to Swaadbhara Bihar known for its rich history, to the Ras Bhara character of West Bengal, to the steely determined Odias , and to the Sarvaguni people in Maharashtra, TATA Tea Premium tries to capture the innate spirit of different regions through this initiative.

Commenting on the initiative Puneet Das, President – Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products said “Tata Tea Premium’s expertise has always been catering to local taste preferences. And thus, we’ve always offered distinct blends meeting consumers’ taste preferences in various geographies across India. We have celebrated India’s rich diversity with our customized state-specific packaging and communication rooted in a local insight for key states. This has made Tata Tea Premium one of the leading brands across India, and the Desh ki Chai in the truest sense of the term.

On this Republic Day, TATA Tea Premium’s initiative of Desh Ki Jhanki is another such grand celebration of the diverse culture, rich traditions & vibrant motifs across the country that makes India so unique”.

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