Top Dog, Introducing India to the Real Hot Dogs!

Move over convenience store and movie theatre hot dogs – there’s a new dog in town! Top Dog is a brand bringing forth an array of hot dogs, or as they call it Top Dogs, to revolutionize the hot dog eating experience for Indians and with it disrupt the stagnant pre-existing notion of the dish in the market. This cloud kitchen seeks to reinvent the delicacy, allowing it to get the recognition it deserves and emerge as a category that competes with the likes of burgers and pizzas.

Top Dog is the brainchild of duo Jatin Gupta and Dhruv Khurana, graduates in finance from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. Each of them charted their own journey before they brought together their diverse experiences to create the quintessential hotdog experience while focusing on quality, simplicity and deliciousness. Taking inspiration from various iterations of the dish on their escapades abroad, the team spent over 8 months in a home kitchen perfecting recipes for each and every item on the menu.

The brand has gone far and beyond the basic hot dog that one typically envisions with relish, mustard and ketchup and curated a delicious menu by bringing together a diverse range of flavour profiles. Some of the bestsellers at the outlet include The Mobster: topped with an authentic Bolognese sauce, The OG Top Dog: served with a traditional meaty chilli, and the Pulled Pork Dog which is filled with slow-cooked pork in their signature barbeque sauce. Top Dog has also developed a unique house-made veg sausage to create vegetarian versions of all their Top Dogs. The menu also includes delicious side dishes to choose from including delicious chicken wings, loaded fries, decadent desserts and more!

Located in South Delhi’s – Shahpur Jat, Top Dog is a delivery-only outlet, serving through Zomato, Swiggy and Dotpe. Operational 7 days a week, the delivery timings of the outlet are 12.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

Over the next few years, Top Dog aims to open outlets across all of Delhi and also make a mark in major cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore – continuing on its journey to revolutionize hot dogs for the whole country.

Gear up to experience the best of the hot dog world with Top Dog- one bite at a time.

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