Top tiffin services in Bengaluru to try out from the healthy homemade food

As a cosmopolitan city, Bangalore does not lack extravagant grub and bar spots to set out toward a nibble. Yet, eating junk or finger food every so often can feel fulfilling, creating it a day-by-day tendency that can unleash or ruin your health wellbeing. Besides, companies in Bangalore are resuming to work at the office. Again, the stress of cooking along with office stress would pile up and end the fun of being in Bangalore.

Desires for Ghar Ka khana can strikeout of the blue, be that as it may, we likewise realize how to guarantee a consistent inventory of solid hand-crafted food. Particularly assuming that you’re new to the city away from your home, where you miss your homely food which no advantageous cheap food can fulfil. We’ve recorded the best tiffin administrations in Bangalore, that will convey full, feeding lunch or supper dinners to your doorstep on the day today.


Sprink’s has committed to making people’s lives easier and mealtime tastier. The company offers a personalized menu based on the customer’s food preferences at affordable prices compared to the competitors and many other restaurants. This tiffin service in Bangalore offers both weekly and monthly plans, suited for all kinds of budgets and preferences. The home-grown company envisions empowering individuals to have quality time and live better by freeing them from the daily chores of cooking. It provides freshly cooked wholesome meals with a wide variety of daily changing menus in a subscription-based model available through an online platform

Masala Box

Without a doubt, Masala Box is a 100% homemade tiffin service vendor in Bangalore which is the best in the business. Masala box takes care of your every need. The food is prepared in home kitchens with utmost care and precaution and uses only top-quality ingredients. You can choose from their array of meal plans based on your preferences and budget, and select dishes from their vast menu to be delivered for free to your doorstep to enjoy your healthy daily meal.

Oota Box

Oota Box is a chain of tiffin services in Bangalore that offers access to healthy food prepared by home cooks services are spread across the city. Their food network consists of more than 1k homes along with a community of stellar chefs that are proficient in their specialized cuisine. There’s an assortment of cuisines and dishes available that you can choose from, including North Indian, South Indian, Jain, etc. All 3 meals of the day will be delivered either in the form of a one-time order or regularly as a subscription model.

Namma Dabba

Offering healthy homemade food from various home kitchens across the city, Namma Dabba vows to bring the convenience of doorstep delivered meals to the office goers and bachelors of Bangalore. They have a variety of cuisines one can choose from, such as North Indian, South Indian, Gujrati, and Rajasthani. The prices are ultra-pocket-friendly and the delivery service is quick and hassle-free. You get to enjoy the services of Namma Dabba at the convenience of your home.


No suspense with this one! Serving both veg and non-veg meals, their USP is home-style, non-spicy food that you can customize according to your taste. Whether it’s basic roti-sabzi or a bowl of vermicelli, they have options for all your cravings. If your roommate eats more of your lunch than you do, they have combo packs for that, too. Why hustle in the kitchen when you can get delicious food to your doorstep.

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