Vansh Pahuja: The Revolutionary behind India’s First Non Alcoholic Gin

Harboring a deep rooted love for the food and beverage industry, Vansh Pahuja- a young, enigmatic and foresighted entrepreneur carried a vision to effectuate the yearnings of non drinkers in the country. Revolutionising the beverage industry, Vansh launched India’s first distilled non alcoholic spirit- Sober Gin.

Vansh attended KR Mangalam World School, GK II, and graduated with a degree in Marketing and Innovation and a minor in Music from Northeastern University in Boston. Constantly galvanized to try out new things, he launched a nightlife related app titled ‘Tickr’- whilst pursuing his graduation.

Returning to India, Vansh gauged an inadequacy of non-alcoholic options for those who didn’t drink, be it any reason. The entrepreneur studied the industry deeply, learning the “Non-Alcoholic Spirit” industry was merely 5 years old worldwide whilst also being the fastest growing in the beverage space. Leveraging the same, he delved into the concept, launching it in India. The lack of variety in India loomed large, nobody can simply drink a plain soda, a high-calorie coke or an extremely sugary pink-colored “mocktail” while others around sip a classic gin and tonic or an inviting cocktail. With India currently experiencing a major cocktail movement, Vansh curated Sober Gin, a brand that takes pride in using ancient Indian Ayurvedic botanicals in their recipes. The ideology behind this venture was to create a choice.

Vansh, being the first to delve into the non alcoholic ‘spirits’ category, always felt there was a growing demand in India for it. His journey began with ‘Gin’ the first spirit of the brand and also one of the fastest growing spirits in the country. Unlike other spirits, creating a gin is a tumultuous task, albeit the opportunities to experiment with the right botanicals and ingredients are numerous. Easily adaptable, it pairs well with most mixers and flavour profiles.

Turning his dreams into reality, the journey of conceptualizing Sober Gin held its fair share of challenges. The first being, to create a product that was tasty and to create a bitter flavour profile that replicated the taste of an alcoholic spirit and find the balance between the two. The second challenge amounted to the process of distilling a non-alcoholic spirit. After almost a year of sampling and understanding the science and mechanism behind creating a true non-alcoholic spirit, it was launched in October 2021.

No journey is without hardships and Vansh shed light on some of these difficulties experienced along the way. Selling in 3 weeks what he thought would take 3 months was tricky to navigate. Whilst this was a good problem to have, stocking inventory, fulfilling orders was challenging enough. In contrast, while he thought convincing potential customers to delve into the non-alcoholic space would be a struggle, the response and feedback garnered was wonderful and the brand has been accepted with open arms. The response received was not just from Tier 1 cities, but from across the country spanning all age groups.

Gin as a spirit tells a story. The future shines bright for Sober Gin. The brand aims to experiment and play around with several more flavours, and are next launching Sober Gin- The Pink Edition. The year 2022 will see the launch of other spirits such as Sober Rum and Sober Whiskey by the brand that aims to bring a dynamic shift in the nightlife, spirit and celebrations of people.


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