Veeba announces a new plant protein and jaggery-based Health Food Drink for kids – Provee

Veeba, a loved and home-grown food brand, today announced the launch of their new health food drink (HFD) brand for kids – ‘Provee’. Built on the feedback from young Indian mothers and with 21 essential nutrients at its core, Provee aims to offer wholesome nutrition to kids that support an active mind, better immunity and complete growth for growing children. Provee’s formula includes plant-based protein and is made with jaggery and has no added maltodextrin, artificial flavours, and colours which are common ingredients in several available options in the market. With Provee, Veeba aims to bring the Indian superfoods to mainstream thus the inclusion of ingredients like Jaggery, Ragi and Badam.

As per a market research report, the demand for high-protein, high-fibre, all-natural kids HFD is soaring since young mothers are concerned about adulterants and want the wholesome and best nutrition for their children. Another report commissioned by the Food Industry Asia (FIA) points out that health is one of the main needs driving the consumption of food among Indian consumers post-covid. During the peak of Covid-19 last year, Health was the top priority driving the majority of consumer needs (31%) (FIA).

“Parents, especially mothers, today are uncompromising when it comes to the nutrition of their kids and rightly so. Our endeavour is to deliver the best nutritional product to the children of India. Provee is a step forward in that direction that empowers Indian mothers with an innovative solution. I feel blessed to be born in a country that has an abundance of natural superfoods to offer. As proud Indians, we felt it was necessary to bring our rich heritage to the fore, we have built the product bringing the goodness of Indian superfoods to the mainstream, with feedback from mothers and backed by science.”, said Mr Viraj Bahl, Founder, Veeba.

Veeba, a proud Indian company has earlier made a lot of strides in the ‘better-for-you’ market with its latest product offerings and innovations like ‘Earth made Organix’. It is one of the very few brands to offer a ‘certified’ range of organic hummus. With Earth made Organix, Veeba is bringing responsibly sourced ingredients, transparency, and doorstep delivery to its consumers.

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