Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen launches Two Cloud Kitchens in Mumbai

The award-winning restaurant from Hauz Khas Village, Delhi, Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen is foraying into the cloud kitchen segment with the launch of its 2 cloud kitchens in the metropolitan city of Mumbai. Managed by the same team that manages the popular Caribbean Lounge chain, Raasta, Yeti is widely popular in the capital among lovers of speciality cuisine.

Yeti’s cloud kitchens will be operating from two hotspots in Mumbai namely – Khar & Powai. Listed at the 25th rank among the definitive list of the country’s 50 premium restaurants by Conde Nast Traveller Top Restaurant Awards 2017, the brand ensures the same attention to detail via exceptional flavours, high-quality ingredients, and a superior brand experience via its cloud kitchens.

Yeti offers authentic, home-style Himalayan food—from the regions of Tibet, stretching all the way to Meghalaya. Yeti’s non-commercial approach towards serving a home-style meal extends to the cooking philosophy as well. Himalayan folks are known for not wasting their meat—an idea that is well integrated within Yeti’s menu. Here, one can dig into a helping of Nepali Bhutan (goat maws stir-fried with special spices) as well as Tibetian Cheley (boiled or fried buff cooked with vegetables and spices) which ensure the optimal use of the meat.

Speaking of the new launch, Joy Singh, Co-partner, Yeti says, “The past year has seen a massive surge in consumers seeking high-quality speciality cuisine delivered to their homes. With our foray into the cloud kitchen segment, we aim to serve our patrons authentic Himalayan dishes packed with bold flavours and packaged in 100% biodegradable packaging, dedicated to offering delectable food in the safety and comfort of their homes.”

The menu at Yeti features a plethora of Himalayan favourites right from Nepal, Tibet to Bhutan. Start your meal with the traditional Thukpa or Eastern-Tibet style hand noodle soup Thenthuk. Choose from an assortment of the finest & most authentic momos ranging from Yeti Kothe Special Momo, Newari Momo Cha, Shabalay (a Tibetan meat-filled deep-fried pie), to name a few. On offer are also snacks from various Himalayan regions such as Gundruk Sadeko (sun-dried green leaves tossed in traditional spices), Piro Aloo (Darjeeling style cumin garlic & turmeric spicy potatoes) and Macha Tareko (fish marinated with spices and batter-fried in mustard oil) from Nepal; Lowa (goat lights cooked in Tibetan style with onions and tomatoes), Shapta (thinly sliced buff with onion garlic and spices) and Gyuma (Tibetan mutton sausages) from Tibet and Kewa Datchi (potato, chilly pepper and cheese curry served with Tingmo) and Tsochem Datchi (cheesy buttery Bhutanese curry served with Tingmo) from Bhutan. The elaborate menu also features various mains and Thalis such as the Thakali Thali. End the meal on a sweet note Yomari (sweet momos) or Khangoora Kheer.

Currently delivering from Khar & Powai

Price: INR 1000 for two


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