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For good looking Feet!

For good looking Feet!

Your feet take you where you really want to be!

Feet are the foundation on which our human lives are based on. Your feet is very much required and without your feet you cannot do the walking, running, and cycling and for balancing. We humans usually forget to take care of our feet through our feet are very much important in our day to day life. By taking proper care of your feet you will get clean, soft and presentable feet and it will also enhance good foot health and overall health. The best way to take care of your feet includes keeping up good hygiene practices, eating right and taking care of your body too.

The simple ways to get good looking feet:

Keep your feet clean: Wash your feet every day with lukewarm water. Although you don’t shower every day, take time to wash your feet daily. You should avoid soaking your feet because it may strip away the natural oils. Washing your feet daily will make your skin clean and bright which in turn prevents corns, infections, ingrown toenails, and calluses.

Keep your feet dry and your socks clean: After your shower or swim or whatever if you make your feet wet, just pat them thoroughly with a clean towel. Make sure you have dry the area in between your toes. Change your socks every day and always use clean socks after washing your feet.

Moisturize it daily: By keeping your feet moisturized, it will keep the skin soft and supple. After you have washed your feet and dry your feet and later, massage your feet with the moisturizer into the skin before putting on the neat socks. Don’t moisturize in between your toes and if so, it will lead to fungal growth or infections.

Scrub your feet: To get softer feet, remove the dead skin cells and improve circulation by gently scrubbing your feet daily with a pumice stone. Focus more on your heels and toes and also do not scrub too hard.

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Take good care of your nails: Look at your toe nails. Cut your toe nails regularly but do not cut too short. If your nails are too short, it may lead to dirt and fungus which get into the between the skin and nail, in turn, cause an infection. Applying nail polish is acceptable when it is used rarely and do not apply nail polish to unhealthy nails or discolored nails which can be a sign of infection and covering it with nail polish will prevent it from clearing up. Make sure you are taking good care of your toenails along with your fingernails.

Take care of your feet and get a good- looking feet!

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