Get a Corporate Make-Over!

These tips will be useful for any office goers and graduates who are looking for job opportunities.
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Give your face a corporate look with just a few easy to follow tips.

These tips will be useful for any office goers and graduates who are looking for job opportunities.

For an appropriate office look here are the best Corporate Makeover tips:

A few basic rules are:

  1. Long lasting which doesn’t make you retouch often during office hours.
  2. Time consuming because it should be done in 10 minutes or less.
  3. Comfortable
  4. Natural Enhancer it should give you corporate look with natural colours. Because it shouldn’t distract colleagues.
  5. Use light make up if your office ambience make you feel hot. Because heavy make up might smudge.



Always use a good quality facial Cleanser and wash it off before applying make up.


It’s great way to clean any dirt missed out. So that it doesn’t block pores.


Make up looks great on a healthy and hydrated skin. Apply SPF 15 non-greasy Moisturizer before applying make up.

Say NO to glitters on Eyes

Always pick a light colour shades such as medium brown or black-brown shade to get a softer look. It’s not the right time to show your blending skills. Avoid dull colours like gray.

  1. Eyeliner: Apply just to make your eyes stand out. Make sure it doesn’t run outside the eyelids.
  2. Mascara: Consider applying mascara of dark brown or soft black shade. Apply it with a fan brush to keep it from clumping.  Also take care that while staring at your computer screen, you don’t rub your eyes.
  3. Eyebrows: Keep it neat and clean but don’t over pluck it.


Use earthy gold tones for cheeks it makes it look neutral in fluorescent lights. Avoid pink shades for office. Women with dark skin tone can use browns, terracotta and maroon shades.


Go for a neutral shade of tinted lip-gloss, which should be subtle enough for the office look. Gloss looks more natural and fades away more evenly than lipstick. It lasts longer and easier to re-apply, in case you need it, during the day. However, if you like using lipstick, go for medium tones, such as brown, mochas or peach shades. Avoid shimmer shades on lips. Avoid tones like beige, taupe or earthy tones that look muddy in office lights.

Try your corporate look today!  So give us your feedback.

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