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Gifting made easier in Bangalore with The Quick Brown Box

Gifting made easier in Bangalore with The Quick Brown Box

When was the last time somebody gave you a gift that you liked a lot? When was the last time you received a set of gifts that had a certain theme on it?  Please allow us to introduce to you ‘The Quick Brown Box’, a company based in Bangalore that lets you customise your gifts. The founders of The Quick Brown Box are Ramesh Krishnan and Sneha John. Ramesh was with the hospitality industry for five years and has an unwavering passion for service. Sneha is a writer, a powerhouse of ideas and an entrepreneur who is a lover of all things creative. Their collection of products is the reflection of what they love and endorse. We caught up with the founders of the company and they told us how they go about their business.


1) What are your products all about?

All the products on our gifting catalogue have a story of their own. Most of them are handmade and designed by extremely creative and evidently enterprising people. Majority of them are sustainably produced and provide employment opportunities to women.

2)What inspired you to start the company?

It happened completely by chance. We each found it challenging to find off the shelf products for specific needs, especially gifting. We couldn’t find variety when it came to gifts; everything seemed to be the run of the mill, standard things all packed the same way and with absolutely no personal touch.

3)How different are your gifts from others? We like to take simple everyday things and make them gift worthy. We have collaborated with some wonderfully creative people who make the ordinary, extraordinary by adding simple twists to their products. For eg: our stationery partners have notebooks with bright neon coloured pages, which makes it interesting enough to write on compared to a regular ruled notebook or planner. We also have a partner who produces traditional Indian board games on fabric with embroidery, appliqué and block printing, it makes for a great travel companion because it fits into a pouch and can be stuffed into your bag or suitcase without any fuss. What’s more, we offer gift packing services along with our custom gifting services so your gifts are as personalised as you like.

4)Is it affordable gifting?

Yes absolutely! All the products you see on our catalogue and in our boxes are heavily curated. We only sell what we ourselves would buy. Pricing is a big part of the decision making process when it comes to gifting and that’s why we offer products across a wide price range. This also helps with gifting appropriately.

5)What does your box contain?

All our curated boxes are theme based. Boxes we curate based on customer specifications vary in their contents, it can be anything from coffee, cookies, honey and dried fruits in one box to a leather wallet, a sequined notebook and fabric snakes and ladders in another.

6)Do you see yourself in other cities?

At the moment our focus is local but in time we hope to be able to expand to other cities as well.

7)You have mentioned in your website that all gifts are theme based. Could you elaborate on that?

That’s right. We chose to address certain gaps in the market, at least the way we saw it so we brought out curated boxes based on themes like our ‘New Baby Gift Box’ which is a gift for new parents to create keepsakes for their baby. The Male Grooming Gift Box was created purely with the bearded man in mind, so it contains everything he would need to groom his facial hair. However, with our custom gifting service we are leaving it to our customers to decide what they want according to the people they are gifting and the occasion they are gifting for.

8)Who do you consider your ideal target audience?

For our curated boxes, primarily the online shopper. And, for custom gifting, anyone who has an occasion they need gifts for.

9)Who are the makers of your products?

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As mentioned earlier, all our partners are creative entrepreneurs who create extraordinary products from ordinary everyday objects. Although we are a for profit, we have a strong social mission with sustainability and employment for women at the heart of it. All our partners are likeminded people who share our philosophy to be socially innovative and responsible.

10)How has the response been for the past three months?

The past three months have been great learning for us, in that while we sold we also got feedback on what worked and what didn’t and being a small team we were able to restrategise and pivot quickly. We had plenty of requests for custom gifting and hence launched this service earlier this month.

11)Do you have hand-made products too as gifts?

Yes, our promise of artisanal products is the common thread between all our products.

12)Message to all those who want to start something up?

Keep it fun. Get your fundamentals right. Most importantly, don’t throw in the towel.

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