Go Wow with these Summer Hairstyles!

few summer hairstyles trends which will work wonders, read on.
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It’s time to switch to summer clothing, isn’t it? How about giving a twist to your hairstyles and make you flaunt your way to look gorgeous during this summer. Here are a few summer hairstyles trends which will work wonders, read on.

Wrap and roll


It’s simple to pull off. Just tie a scarf or bandana around your head and throw your hair up in a messy bun. You be benefitted double: it gives a perfectly chic look and helps you beat the heat.

Reverse braided bun


This may take more than a minute but when done properly results are great. Start at the bottom and make your way upwards rolling your hair into a bun for the desired look.

Side braid hairdo


Nowadays braids in fashion and it’s high time you catch up with this growing trend. To start to braid a small section of hair on the sides and then seamlessly add the rest of your hair to into the braid to give your pigtail more volume.

Messy cross ponytail


Give your regular ponytail a break by adding a little twist to it. Keep it classy and easy with this messy yet easy cross ponytail.

Messy hair bun


This one is perfect for a dinner date or a special rendezvous. You need to start with a ponytail and twist your hair in to give it a messy bun look.

Beach waves


A perfect hairdo on a beach day out or on a holiday.  Style your side braids like a crown and add a few waves to your hair with a curling iron.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try these simple minutes away hair styling for this summer. Take a look at the DIY tutorials for these hairstyles. Do write us to [email protected] or comment below.

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