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Google Map alerts if Taxi goes off route.

Google Map alerts if Taxi goes off route.

Thanks to Google for regular updates and inflow of new features. Google maps make traveling way safer and easier. Letting us know the distance between two points. It alerts now when the cab deviates from the route it meant to follow the destination.

This is a very useful app, most of us like to keep a tab on the route that taxi is taking us. If it is not taking the route actually, we are not aware of. This could happen in different place and cities and the driver might take a different route and charge more by taking a longer route. You can open Google maps and follow the route continuously.

It is really a useful feature you can look for the navigation direction and tap the ‘stay safe’ option in the bottom of the menu, select the Off- route option and enable them before starting the navigation for a safer ride. On the top of the banner, you will get an alert stating if the Driver moves 500 meters away from the track – you will get the alert.    This is not visible in iOS now. As it has not made any official announcement. However, it is under test and might not take much time before it rolls out to more users.

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