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The young entrepreneur Ms. Samira Ummerkutty launched her new venture Cradle 2 Crayonz on Saturday.
Grow, Explore and Discover!

The young entrepreneur Ms. Samira Ummerkutty launched her new venture Cradle 2 Crayonz on Saturday. This event took place in the presence of Mrs. Poornima Bhagyaraj, Dr. Vijay Shankar and Mr. Balaji Mohan.

This young lady has an experience of heading the operations of the Universities in few of the countries like USA, UK and Europe. Her passion for giving an extraordinary educational experience for the children here in India has drawn her to start a nurturing home which will make the parents and the kids expect more from this field. This vision will force the schools to have extraordinary services and smart learning tools too.

Cradle to Crayonz provides a high standard of care, education and learning opportunities. It is a totally fresh and an extraordinary experience of learning for the crawling ones to reach to the crayons. Cradle 2 Crayonz brings the kids on board to a whole new way of learning towards their development by providing them overall fun during the class sessions, which includes the engagement of parents as well as the fun activities for the kids.


The love for kids and the vision towards social transformation, Ms. Samira Ummerkutty decided to lay the foundation for the kids towards a bright and successful future under the umbrella of care.

For the kids to face the uppermost tech world and understand the future Ms. Ummerkutty has brought ‘Smart Classes’ and ‘4D Plus or Flashcards’ to all the kids for techformation keeping their infotainment in mind.

Ms. Samira Ummerkutty

Ms. Samira Ummerkutty is one of the best examples of the independent young women. She has seen the world closely at a young age, with her experience in teaching for a couple of years and gaining her knowledge abroad, she wants to provide a glorious and a bright future to the first learners through infotainment. Her vision has dragged her towards giving a unique experience of learning.

In the future, this wide-eyed girl is eager to give an International affiliated School to the city which will set its highest standards of education and reputation like schools in U.K and USA. The different way of learning with Cradle 2 Crayonz: 4D Plus or Flashcards – a new way of learning Smart Classes for the cute gamins’ Air-conditioned gym for the kid’s Extra ordinary activity Area Activities which combines mother and babies.

The motive behind these extra activities which involves the parents and the kids are because, this will help our little ones to be able to explore a rich and a diverse range of activities within a flexible, stimulating, inclusive and welcoming learning environment.

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