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H- 1B Visa US Firm to Pay Over $1 Million

H- 1B Visa US Firm to Pay Over $1 Million

An American employment service company has agreed to pay USD 1.1 million to nearly 600 H-1B employees. Populus Group failed to pay H-1B employees required wages when worksites were shut down for holidays. In all, 594 H-1B employees will receive their back wages, an official statement said.

“The intent of the H-1B foreign labour certification programme is to help American companies find the highly skilled talent they need when they can prove that a shortage of US workers exists,” said Wage and Hour District Director Timolin Mitchell in Detroit, Michigan.

“The resolution of this case demonstrates our commitment to safeguard American jobs, level the playing field for law-abiding employers, and ensure no one is being paid less than they are legally owed,” he said.

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Employers must attest to the department that they will pay wages to the H-1B non-immigrant workers at least equal to the actual wage paid by the employer to other workers with similar experience and qualifications for the job in question, or the prevailing wage for the occupation in the area of intended employment – whichever is greater, the official said in a statement.

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