Hard work begins to pay off at last for No 6!


School For De Soul Therapy OK, Welcomes you to this week, scientific personality profiling!

There is a saying, Know Thy to Know Others – which means, knowing the qualities possessed by you will be the gate for you to know the world and others.

Let’s see what’s in store in for each Number FOR THE WEEK 22.

May 29, 2017 – Jun 4, 2017



STRENGTH: –   you are a born leader, you can make the world revolves around you. You are a person of very strong character, you possess the highest creativity, you possess Good Management and Leadership skills, you love being Independent & commanding. You are action result oriented. You have high Inventive & creativity

CHALLENGES: – you become, Too authoritative, too demanding, you are adamant, you tend to boast too much, you lack flexibility, you tend to be Overly ambitious or high expectancy.

ADVICE:-  – You will feel a cheerful and enthusiastic energy. You should spend time with people to add more zeal to your life. This is a good week to be a bit lazy and even self-indulgent. You should do a few small things that you truly enjoy. Do your best to dispense with any natural suspicion. Trust is a spiritual virtue.



STRENGTH: –  You Possess excellent analytical ability & Creativity. You have your own rules, goals and set own standards of life. You are a self-motivator of your own. You speak precisely. You are Flexible. You play the Brilliant mind strategy.

CHALLENGES: – You are sentimental & emotional. Your Dependent nature makes you sensitive & submissive. You change and Swing Easily. You lack courage & self-confidence. You suffer a lot from Low self-esteem. Your Inconsistency & bad discipline earns a bad reputation. You tend to daydream a lot, you are very shallow Person.

ADVICE: –  You need, to be honest with you about another person. There’s no point in fooling yourself if someone doesn’t measure up. It may be a romantic attraction, someone in the family, or a co-worker. “Giving chances” may have to give way to setting clear boundaries or at least being more direct about what you expect. Feeling guilty out of fear of hurting others is exhausting and unnecessary.



STRENGTH: –    You are a born leader & carries special DIVINE GRACE, you possess more divine blessings/ wisdom. You prefer Slow & Steady Growth. You have charismatic personality; your words/speech/conversation carries special power. You are very Compassionate & man of principles, values. You maintain discipline. You are a good natured, gentle and broad mind soul.

CHALLENGES: – You are very emotional& impatience. You suffer from Poor Management of money. And Falls into the vicious trap of debts. Tend to be Very Conservative & lacks the will to change and adapt. You tend to be very sentimental often.

ADVICE: –  You will be stressed, unnecessary and fuzzy thoughts. Calm down. Being friendlier is needed in the office. Don’t hesitate to ask others to have a different opinion. Put most of your energy into areas that are working for you. Difficult or challenging work will help stimulate your creative energies. Seek win/win solutions at home. Simplicity eases tension.



STRENGTH: – You are an Excellent communicator. You are open-mind for change & growth. You are Practical and generous, you are a straightforward person, you are an excellent orator, you have a charismatic personality. You can debate on almost anything. Your deep analytical ability can make you see things in an unconventional way and bring a solution from out of the box. You are a person of high Integrity. You like to live life in a grand manner. If you can properly nurture yourself, you can rise to power or be a top most people person.

CHALLENGES: – You suffer from Ego. Your secretive nature & rebellious personality pulls you into the unwanted issue, you are highly impulsive& short-tempered. You are very Emotional. You argue too much. You lack in diplomacy & planning.

ADVICE: –  You have an opportunity to become closer to important people in your life. Do your best to communicate your thoughts and feelings as simply and clearly as you can. The most loving thing you can do is, to be honest. Renewed hope and deeper understanding are possible. Self-criticism isn’t healthy. Establish more deep-rooted connection on the relationship.



STRENGTH: – you are an Intelligent & witty person, you have strong will power, you are well planned and shrewd person, you have a loving charisma to attract people, you have the excellent gift of knowledge and wisdom especially on money rotation, investment from others.

CHALLENGES: – you sometimes have to battle with your own Dual nature, you tend to be cunning & secretive. You get into the habit of being too much hypocritical & sometimes behave very childish as well. You are inconsistent on moneymaking ideas. You stuck into being very materialistic & easily falls prey to Speculation gambling. You suffer a lot coz of your doubting nature & self-esteem issue.

ADVICE: –  You may feel a strong desire to be appreciated for your efforts. Confidence is important. Avoid measuring yourself against some artificial standard of perfection. Don’t look for quick fix solution. Give more time and effort to understand each other.



STRENGTH: – You are highly Intellectual & can Play Brilliant Mind Strategy, you are very courageous, you tend to live life in a grand way. You are a compassionate and understanding person. You are very religious. You are blessed with marital bliss. You carry the charisma to Attract wealthy & Businessmen. You can connect with gurus. You are blessed with the power to give birth to a prodigal son/daughter.

CHALLENGES: – you lacks will power. You are very Obstinate & unyielding. You should learn to balance with contending life. You should work on your laziness. You are impulsive and emotional.

ADVICE: –  Things can be complicated this week. You should be sensitive to any potential fallout from mixing romance with work responsibilities. Juggling too many things can lead to confusion and breakdowns. There could be clashes with loved ones if you keep secrets or don’t keep commitments. Speak your mind, but be a good listener as well. Your bank balance is about to increase. Generous and supportive people want to help. Hard work begins to pay off at last.



STRENGTH: –    You are gifted with excellent mind-power. You are an inventive & intuitive person. You love the slow & steady approach. You are an excellent communicator. You have the Magnetic Charisma. You are a very straightforward person. You like debates & depth analysis. You can see things in an unconventional way. You love to live in grand style. You have high Integrity.

CHALLENGES: – You tend to day Dream. Some time you behave in a mysterious way. You fall into the web of animosity and Self-limiting doubts. You may have unwanted fears about life. You suffer from Inferiority complex & submissive nature. You suffer from small thinking or self-esteem. You lack in discipline. You are very shallow Person & lazy. You lack consistency & being impatience. You tend to be quarreling some and criticize too much. You lack courage & fighting spirit.

ADVICE: –  You will enjoy a great time with close and happy relationships. It will add more confidence. Your talents will be exhibited. This isn’t the time to be hesitant or rely on others to make decisions or give you direction. Self-criticism is a big mistake, especially feeling less than perfect on one particular occasion. It’s what you do in the long run that counts.



STRENGTH: – You are a Knowledge treasure. You are Melancholic & meticulous. If harnessed well, you can go beyond any limit. You carry in-depth Analytical thinking & creativity. You can be a path breaker or innovator or pioneer or reformer. You like to travels a lot. You love to keep meeting more new people. Your biggest strength is your keep-learning Attitude. You like to do in Grand/ extravaganza. You carry a lot of Noble qualities. You prefer Slow and steady approach. You are a strong willed person.

CHALLENGES: – you prefers loneliness. You tend to extremists and not balanced. You need to remind about your powers and encourage having a big dream & doing big things. You suffer from unwanted webs of Animosity, fear. And, it impacts your willpower. You tend to be more revolutionary & rebellious. You should work on not being bogged into a low level of thinking.

ADVICE: –  For those in a committed relationship, this week can bring a happy period of mutual enjoyment and pleasure. This is an ideal time for planning a romantic getaway with someone special. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Be willing to take a chance and see what happens when you talk about what you want. Giving voice to your desires builds confidence. Have the courage to take risks and show who you are without fear of rejection.



STRENGTH: – You are a great Warrior & intensive thinker. You are always full of energy and aggression. You carry the best leadership qualities. You possess ROBUST NATURE. You are the impulsive decision maker. You carry the dynamism & commanding skills. You are full of courage & confidence. You like to be Independent. You have a big heart and want to be more Service oriented. You are compassionate & kindhearted. You like to do larger than life cause.

CHALLENGES: – You get Angry easily and suffers from short temperament. You fall easily to the negative web of circles. You go into courting unnecessarily. Your quarrelsome nature & sensitiveness will put you into a lot of trouble often. You lack discipline in handling money & as well as other habits. You adamant nature will not want you to oblige anyone.

ADVICE: –  This can be a lucky week for you to find love or at least develop an important new friendship. If you’re dating, the energy supports level becoming more serious. Don’t fear to be yourself. There’s no need to please everyone all the time. You’re entitled to your own opinions. Give yourself permission to speak your mind. Trust that people of value will accept you as you are even if they don’t always agree with your ideas.

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