4 Tips to Improve Workplace Air Quality

When lives are coming back to normal and soon the lockdown will be lifted completely. People will start going back to work and resume traveling by public amenities like metros, buses and taxis, maintaining every possible safety and hygiene precautions. Employees also expect to come into a safe and healthy workplace environment after dealing with a worrisome situation.

People usually think of air pollution as something just for outside but reality is, the air inside commercial spaces, offices, and other buildings can be more polluted and contain even more harmful air pollutants than the air outside. Indoor air pollution in India is mainly due to PM 2.5 and PM 10.  According to the State of Global Air 2020 report by the Health Effects Institute, 61% of the Indian population is exposed to air pollution from solid fuels. The National Human Activity Pattern Survey suggests that people spend almost 90% of their time indoors. Hence, strict measures should be taken to tackle indoor air pollution.

The most effective solution for reducing indoor air pollution is to eliminate or reduce the sources of contaminants. So, find below are some general tips to improve office indoor air quality and any living space.

Anti-Pollutant Solution for floors:

Liquid-based anti-pollution biodegradable product “Curol+” aims to ‘CURE ALL’ dust and air pollution related problems. It is a game changer in removing the air-borne particles inside the room which carry viruses and infections along the dust mites. Curol+ is a dust binding product that shall reduce the sand and dust to fly in your living space. Curol+ has 2 different variants for reducing the office indoor PM levels viz. i.e., Curol+ Indoor Hard flooring and Curol+ Indoor Carpet. These products transform the floor into a giant air filter and diminishing dust levels. It works on enhancing the indoor air quality and also refreshing the breathing environment at the office and home. The product reduces particulate matter (PM) levels with effectiveness guaranteed is minimum 65% in just 7 days of usage. It is a patented, tested and proven solution to fight against bad air quality. Curol+ is effective in reducing pollution in households and with a daily Mop or spray 1-2 times a day reduces pollution up to 65% in just 7 days.

Air Purifiers:

Air purifiers equipped with good filters do an incredible job of filtering contaminants from the air. The Blueair Classic 480i Air Purifier is a good quality air purifier product that justifies its costs with its performance with its features. The important feature of this air purifier is its whopping 510 m³/hr CADR score and how it stretches to about 434 Sq. Ft. It includes HEPA silent purification technology which employs Smoke Stop Filter and a Particle Filter. This Purifier requires a 53w power supply. It also has Wi-Fi support for wireless connectivity. Considering the poor air quality, using an air purifier is a must for every workplace.


Houseplants can purify and rejuvenate air quality within houses and workplaces and safeguard us from side effects with harmful components with prevalent toxins like ammonia, formaldehyde and also benzene. It’s the best way to fight against the pollution indoors and respiratory illness particularly if you have to spend 9-10 hours in your workplace. It’s suggested that you should have at least one plant per 100 square feet of your workplace and home for efficient air cleaning to be achieved. The best plants to filter toxins from the air are Peace Lily which prefers moderate sunlight, Lady Palm or snake plant which helps purify the air quality.

 Restrict Smoking in the office area:

Cigarette smoke contains several harmful components like fine particulate matter, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and thousands of other chemicals. Studies have shown that exposure to tobacco in any form may cause inner ear infections, asthma and lung cancer and many other problems and slowly will make our health worse. However, the increased use of electronic cigarettes indoors may contribute new sources of indoor air contaminants including nicotine, as well as flavour and fragrance additives. As we spend most of the day in the office, we must keep our surroundings as safe as we can.

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