How to eat nutritious food this festive season


Our kitchens must be filling up with the smells of Mathri, Chorafari and Murukku as they are being fried and stacked in boxes for the upcoming season. These snacks also herald the upcoming festive season, which promises to be filled with sweets dipped in Ghee and garnished with rich dry fruits.

Chef Vikas Khanna who loves his mithai and namkeen says, “You should eat festive food during this season because we don’t indulge in it regularly. However, it is important to eat right as well. Eating right doesn’t mean counting your calories, but eating a balanced, nutritious meal that consists of fruits and vegetables. Remember to wash this natural produce with Nimwash to ensure that they are safe to be consumed. Natural action vegetables and fruit washes have the ability to remove germs and pesticides. Some of these pathogens and chemicals can compromise the immune system and leave us susceptible to diseases and dampen the festive mood.”

Chef Vikas Khanna also advises on the below to ensure you’re eating nutritious food:

Eat Greens: The heavy sugar-laden and oily food takes some time to digest in our body. Eating greens like spinach, dill, fenugreek (methi) will provide the much-needed fibre for our body

Stay Hydrated: In the excitement of making festive food, we forget that we need to drink water to keep our energy going. It is important to stay hydrated while cooking and also while celebrating and feeding others. Water will also aid your digestive system and make your skin glow!

Eat traditional salads and curries: The best part about a traditional Indian meal is a salad and curry that is seasonal and packed with flavours. Whether it’s kosambri, kochambur or raita, it provides the much-needed freshness to each meal. But, as it is still raining in India, a lot of germs tend to grow on natural produce. Remember to clean them thoroughly with a product like Nimwash that washes away the harmful germs and makes your vegetables ready to be consumed!

Incorporate vegetable infused sweets: Look at using vegetables such as bottle gourd and carrots or even pumpkin to make halwa or make kheer made of Apples instead of rice.

Make sweets with jaggery: Indian food doesn’t feel festive; till the time we don’t eat our favourite sweets. We all have a sweet tooth and shouldn’t deny the craving during the festive season. Try making and eating sweets with jaggery. Whether it’s payasam or laddoos, you can always replace sugar with jaggery. The beauty of traditional Indian cooking is such that some sweets only use jaggery and not sugar, for instance, Gorpapdi in Gujarat or Obbatu in Karnataka

Eat what makes you happy but remember that a well-balanced, nutritious and healthy meal will help with physical and mental wellbeing.

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