‘Saridon Headache Report’ reveals rising headache frequency amongst Urban Indians

Saridon, an iconic offering from Bayer’s Consumer Health Division in India has recently released a comprehensive report titled ‘Saridon Headache Report’. As a leader in the headache relief category, this report is a bold attempt by the 50+-year-old legendary brand to gain first-hand consumer insights into how the pandemic has impacted the frequency and acuteness of headaches suffered by their target consumers across India.

The study conducted with 10,004 respondents in 24 cities (Top 4 metros and key tier 1 and tier 2 towns) across 14 states revealed several captivating results, including the fact that an astounding 90% of people suffer from stress-induced headaches.

The report commissioned by HANSA research, full-service global market research, tapped into diverse cohorts such as gender, working-class (full-time, part-time, businessmen & women) age, demography etc. to present a thorough/comprehensive perspective on what ails 22- 45 years old Urban Indians. The survey captures interesting insights from the participant’s interviews conducted using CAPI & CATI belonging to NCCS ABC’s responses highlighting the increasing frequency of their headache bouts, leading symptoms of stress, aggravating factors causing headaches along with insights into the remedial measures that people seek.

Commenting about ‘The Saridon Headache Report, Sandeep Verma, Country Head, Bayer Consumer Health India, said, “At Bayer Consumer Health division, we believe in encouraging responsible self-care and work to ensure that our consumers have access to daily health solutions enabling them to lead a healthy and productive life. The headache survey report is reflective of the pandemic’s impact on Urban Indians. through our research findings, we are trying to bring forth insights around this space that can help us to motivate all Indians to act on head-aches rather than to hide them and thus lead a pain-free productive life.”

Listed below are additional insights reporting cohort wise behavioural statistics from ‘The Saridon Headache Report:

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