Top brands offer innovative ways to make fitness fun, engaging and interactive

The gym market has shown major downfall in the last year and still continuing due to the pandemic and being positive and fit in these times is a need and a priority. People doing everything they can like by indulging themselves in traditional ways to stay fit like Yoga and meditation at home which is a great way to stay positive, composed and fit. However, the exposure of new age connected fitness techniques available at homes has given an easy access to fitness and helped everyone by bringing gym at home. Maintaining your fitness with traditional as well as smart connected fitness technique brings out the best in everyone’s health.

One can’t ignore that the demand of smart connected fitness equipment and techniques has risen tremendously in the last couple of years especially during pandemic. Many companies had come up with smart versions of exercise techniques and those innovative devices are a significant upgradation of the basic ones. A healthy body can prevent many bad health conditions and smart connected fitness techniques will help maintain good stamina, energy, fitness and provide independence as you age.

Here we have a top 4 brands offering connected fitness techniques which will help you become fit and healthy at home:

  1. OneFitPlus Treadmill FT200 S:

OneFitPlus is the pioneer in Connected Fitness in India and their OneFitplus Treadmill FT200 S with auto incline and easy lubrication is equipped with a powerful 2.25HP (Continuous) and 4.5HP (Peak) efficient DC Motor, it has 15 level auto inclination. Its auto lubrication feature for easy and convenient for maintenance, it has a speed range of 1-16km/hr and 1240*420 mm Wide Spacious anti-skid running board which can also be folded when not in use. It helps in your smart cardio workouts. The maximum user wait is 100kg. OneFitPlus provides free installation service, personal dietitian, inline doctor consultation and more importantly personal trainer video sessions.

  1. Peloton Bike+:

The Peleton bike+ complements your cardio with the full body workout one can crave. They have thousands of classes with variety of disciplines. Bike contains 24″ HD Touchscreen, 4-channel audio with 2×3 watt tweeters and 2×10 watt woofers, 2 front-facing and 2- rear-facing speakers, Rotating touch screen with 360 degrees of movement. It has Auto-follow resistance property and has Apple Gymkit integration. Moving from cardio to strength workouts on the bike+ will be a beneficial by explore their immersive software like the live Leaderboard, designed hardware, addictive classes, empowering instructors and exciting community events.

  1. Nordic Track RW900:

Nordictrack treadmills offer the maximum range and personalized training to provide you with an incredible iFit workout experience. Nordic Track RW900 offers 22″ rotating smart HD Touchscreen with 26 resistance levels with manual air resistance. They provide steam high rowing classes with personal trainers in a motivating and empowering atmosphere anytime one can want. your home. With touchscreen you can you can take part in immersive workouts, then hop off your rower for a strength training session or yoga in beautiful locales. One can get real time stats of every workout one can achieve their fitness goals sooner

  1. Soulcycle at-home bike:

The SoulCycle at-home bike captures everything one can love about the Soul experience and delivers it right to you. The bike is powered by Equinox+, a transformative digital platform providing with access to on-demand SoulCycle classes and within your 12-month Equinox+ membership, one can also stream classes on the Equinox+ mobile app from additional breakthrough brands like Equinox, Precision Run, PURE Yoga etc. the bike come with 30 days trails. It also includes bike specs and touchscreen specs.

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