Here’s why pothys roped in Actor Kamal Hasan as its brand ambassador

When that throaty and manly voice of Actor Kamal Hasan came out of the majestic silhouette in one of the TV advertisements, people were all spell bound. The hands...

When that throaty and manly voice of Actor Kamal Hasan came out of the majestic silhouette in one of the TV advertisements, people were all spell bound. The hands clutched the TV remotes so tight to come over the chills that went down the spine. And to see someone who has never endorsed a brand before to appear in front of people for the first time is really an awe inspiring moment for anyone.


So here’s the story literally behind screens from the team !

The crew of our advertisement team was working on bringing out a new face for purchase Strattera Pothys that it actually deserves. Also that was the time when Kamal had again given a nod to the year-long pending contract of endorsing the brand. So we were doubly excited in conceptualizing the ad for the legend. The ‘all wired’ team was up with josh in casting a legend in a legendary brand.

There were so many other stores that housed silk sarees, so showing Pothys as just one of the showrooms storing finest silk sarees was something that people already knew. Then the reality really struck us all in a moment’s thought that we are not just a store that houses silk sarees and more; we are the store that people love. Yes, that rang a bell so hard that Pothys’ real face was made favourite among people. As a matter of fact, the superlative degree of favorite! So why not call it ‘People’s Pothys’?

The tamil word “abhimanam ” fits to the tee in describing how Pothys is the favourite shopping destination for people of Tamil Nadu. When we began to shoot, we were as nervous as anybody else would in shooting the “Ulaga Nayagan”. But he kept putting us in the awe box, by giving more than a hundred percent. He imbibed and assimilated the concept and the brand, and brought it out in his acting in no time. He is legendary. The absolutely-involved actor made us all scale up to get the best of an advertisement. And we showed Kamal the way no other advertisement did.

There can’t be any better way than Pothys getting endorsed by Kamal Hasan. We were equally delighted and enlightened with him around, and so were the viewers when the ad was out. And when people got to know that he donated the revenue from the ad for a social cause, the advertisement reached both eyes and hearts. We will always cherish this association and so will you. Stay tuned for more awe. And we’ll always be ‘People’s Pothys’!

Pothys has established itself as household name in the textile industry in Tamil Nadu. Our undisputed reputation stems from our unflinching dedication to give you the highest quality, exclusive and diverse clothing options and unmatched customer service.

Our hard work, dedication and perseverance has earned us the distinction of being voted the most preferred saree showroom in Chennai, according to SUN TV Neilson survey in the year 2002. We are also the first retail showroom in Tamil Nadu to be accredited with ISO 9001 certification way back in 2003. Pothys’ desire to innovate and excel in silk manufacturing won us the Guinness World Record in the year 2005 for creating the worlds longest silk saree.

Our showrooms house the largest collection of silk sarees in Tamil Nadu. At Pothys you get the benefit of diverse silk varieties, exclusive designs and authentic silk brands. Yes, Pothys is the first textile showroom in Tamil Nadu to launch its own unique brand of silk sarees, namely Samudrika, Parampara and Vastrakala. These silk brands stand apart for their richness in silk, exclusivity in design and luxury, genuine zari work and weaving artistry for that special look and feel. Our branded silks are true heirlooms in their own right and are designed to last for generations to come.

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The house of Pothys has a rich legacy and vibrant history, our forefathers served as weavers to the royal households of the maharajas of yesteryears. Pothys itself was established over 90 years back by K.V. Pothy Moopanar, our founding father, under the name Pothy Moopanar to sell cotton sarees, dhotis and towels woven in his own loom. Thus our first showroom was set up at Srivilliputhur.

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