Holi-stic Care for your Skin and Hair!

With a little care, you can make this Holi enjoyable!
Holi-stic Care for your Skin and Hair!

The festive of scents and colours are around the corner, which we have all been waiting. The Holi celebration brings in vibrant hues of colours, happiness and new beginnings. But maintaining your skin and hair care regimen definitely must! Because we generally get so carried away by the fun-filled festival which comes only once in a year.

With a little care, you can make this Holi enjoyable. Follow these simple and easy guide for Hair and skin care tips.

Skin care: To avoid harmful chemical colours penetrating your skin. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen all over your skin and use an oil based moisturizer or a mixture of olive, coconut and castor oil to keep the colour from harming your skin. Carry a bottle of aloe-vera gel or rosewater handy in case something causes skin irritation.

Care of Eyes and Lips: Don’t wear your Lenses, as it can easily soak the colours that could cause irritation. Wear sunglasses and wash your eyes immediately if the colours enter your eyes. Lips also tend to chap because of the colours. So wash them in clean water and moisturize them with lip balm at regular intervals.

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No Salon Treatment: We do understand that you want to look stunning on the grand Holi party. But, waxing, shaving, threading, facial, manicure or any such salon treatment MUST be avoided a week prior to and post Holi. They make your skin more sensitive and prone to irritation. However, you must apply the darkest shade of nail-paint before the festival to protect your nails.

Hair Care: Don’t leave your hair open. Holi colours make your hair dry, frizzy and the effects last longer than you’d imagined. Go for a fish-tail braid it or wrap it up in a top knot, if you don’t want to wear a cap. Thoroughly apply oil all over your hair and scalp.

After-Care: Gently dust the dry colours without rubbing. Since most of the fast colours are oil soluble so, apply oil on the body. Apply sesame oil all over your skin, and then go for a mixture of natural honey, turmeric and curd to gently scrub the colour off your skin. Apply a mixture of apple and cucumber juice later. This will clean your skin properly as well as help you to gain back the natural luster.

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